2-day Mt. Olympus ascent
2-day Mt. Olympus ascent

2-day ascent on Mt. Olympus for May and the very beginning of June.

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2- day ascent on Mt. Olympus. May’s itinerary.

Trip profile:

For a more thorough visit to the mountain, a three day ascend is a fairly good choice, but for someone who runs short of time in the country altogether, then a two-day ascent seems to be the second best. It covers the best possible that the two or three days could cover. It offers a great variety of hike types, very special Mt. Olympus morphology and scenery. The final stretch to the main and highest summit is a demanding scramble, giving a real feeling of achievement even to the experienced mountain walker / scrambler, being a “must” for everyone who loves the mountain great outdoors!


Why May and very beginning of June only?

Because of the extended snow coverage and still harsh weather on the higher parts of the mountain, especially in the first half of May, the highest summit cannot be the main objective, thus we aim for the second highest summit, Skolio at 2911m, as it is a walk and not a sramble. In the second half of May and quite often in the first half of June, the chances to climb the main summit Mytikas via its southern route “Kakoskala” increase significantly as the snow gradualy withdrows. This explains why we follow a “May and the very beginning of June” itinerary.


Trip dossier:

Country: Greece.
Region: Mt. Olympus in the region of northeast Thessaly and southeast Makedonia.
Duration: 2 days / 1 night or 3 days / 2 nights.
Period: Mid May to end of October.
Type: Adult Individuals, groups, walking clubs & corporate, families (min age 13 years).
Level: 60% Moderate / 40% Challenging.


Price for the 2 day ascent: For up to 3 people, the sum of 500.00€ has to be shared between the participants. For 4 persons and above, the price comes to 125.00€ p.p.

Price for the 3 day ascent: For up to 3 people, the sum of 620.00€ has to be shared between the participants. For 4 persons and above, the price comes to 155.00€ p.p.

Find the detailed Itinerary below.

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  • Vacation Style Holiday Type
    Family (min age 13 - 14 yrs), Idividual adults / Groups / Corporare
  • Activity Level Moderately Demanding
  • Min age 13 years
All about the 2-day ascent on Mt. Olympus for May and the very beginning of June..

Day 1: We meet in Litochoro’s center (the central open car park behind the church), at 11:30. Transfer in your own means of transport, unless arranged differently, to Prionia location at 1100m (car park and café / restaurant) from where we start our first day’s walk, after a briefing about the ascent and the program. At about 13:00 we start the walk up to the first day’ destination, the refuge A’ or “Spilios Agapitos” at 2100m, where we arrive after 3.00’ to 3.30’ hours (net walking time without the stops). During the hike in very beautiful cone and deciduous tree forest, the guides introduce you to the very special flora and the peculiarities of the Mt. Olympus microclimate. Have an early night in “Spilios Agapitos”. Duration of walk 3.00’ to 3.30’ hours moderate. Altitude covered, 1000m up

Day 2: An early start before dawn – something like 06:00, gives us the opportunity to experience a unique sunrise from higher up in the alpine zone. Our destination is the Summits of Skala, Skolio (the second highest 2911m) and of course have a go to attempt the highest summit “Mytikas” at 2918m, which is a very special and demanding scramble (if the conditions and remaining snow coverage of May will permit it). At about 11:00 we will be on the summit and at 13:00 to 13:30 back to the refuge A’.

Here, we have 1.30’ hours to rest, have something to eat and drink and return back to Prionia the same way we came up. We should be back to Prionia at about 17:30 to 19:00.

Duration of walk from the refuge to Skolio and back 5.00’ hours moderate / challenging and in the case of climbing Mytikas 6.00’ hours moderate / challenging / scrabling. From the refuge to Prionia, 2.30’ hours moderate.


Important Information about the Mytikas (highest summit) ascent:

We have to inform you here, that the final 250m of the ascent to Mytikas either via “Kakoskala” or “Louki route”, is a serious undertaking, as it is definitely neither a walk nor a climb in the strict sense of the word. It is a scramble, having to use your hands most of the time, for balance and ease of movement mostly, technically feasible for every able-bodied person and at this stage we can guarantee this. We cannot guarantee though – especially for the first timers – the psychological factor, which has to do with your familiarization and ease of movement in such a terrain, in other words with your relevant experience. Obviously, this is something that we do not know at any early stage (like the period of enquiry and booking procedure). We and you will definitely know about it by the time we get up there and we together decide on this. After all, believe us, Mt. Olympus is much more than its highest peak itself. Anyway, statistically, an 85% – 90% of the people who come with us, climb the summit. Almost none of them are experienced mountain walkers. The same applies for the ascent to the Throne of Zeus or Stefani summit.

Nevertheless, note that for the ones who wish to make the climb to the highest summit with the use of ropes and the relevant means of safety equipment, we can organize this with a specialized guide (one guide per two persons maximum), at the price of 225.00€ p.p. for the 2-day ascent and 245.00€ p.p. for the 3-day ascent.

General information about the program.

Accommodation: The days before and after the ascent, if needed to be spent in the area, Litohoro and the area close by will be the place, as it is the closest place to the starting point of the ascent. You will deal with the booking of your accommodation, as there is a great choice available. Still, we can help you there giving advice if you wish. While on the mountain, the accommodation is in fully equipped typical mountain refuges with 6, 10, 15 persons sharing rooms and shared toilets and cold water shower.

Meals and meal plan: All meals while on the mountain, are not included in the price.

Transport: In case that you do not have your own means of transport, the transfer from Litochoro to Prionia (the walk’s starting point) and back, can be in our vehicle at an extra cost, which will depend on the number of persons. Your excess luggage can be left at your accommodation until your return from the mountain.

From the airport, if you are coming for the ascent to Mt. Olympus straight after your arrival in the country and in case you do not have your own or hired means of transport (rented vehicle), the best suggested way is the public transport (train or bus), as our area of activities and the accommodation establishments are very close to the main road and rail streams of transport on the eastern side of the country. The nearest airport is the Makedonia airport of Thessaloniki, in less than 1.00’ hour by train or bus to Litochoro or Litochoro train station, as this is the starting point for the Mt. Olympus ascent and the first day’s accommodation place. From The station you take a taxi to the town itself (10′ – 15′ away). The “Proastiakos” train runs almost every hour from Thessaloniki to the above destination for less than 28.00€ return. From the airport you take the bus (number 78) to the main train or bus station in Thessaloniki. It takes 20’ to 30’ and costs €01.00. The buses also run in the same manner, although a bit more expensive than the train. They run from Thessaloniki central bus station and via Katerini where you change bus, take you to Litochoro’s bus station in the town center, a foot step away from our meeting point for the ascent and any kind of accommodation in town.

If you land at “Eleftherios Venizelos” airport in Athens, the train seems to be again the best option. Only the journey in this case takes 4.15’ to 5.00’ hours, depending up on the train you are using. From the airport you take the metro or the Proastiakos train to the “Stathmos Larisis” (Larisa’s station) in Athens, from where you take the train to Larisa. In Larisa you take the “Proastiakos” train to Litochoro.

Group size and staff: Maximum group size is 16 people and minimum 4. This trip is led by Olympos Trek and supported by expert local guides. Guides are not provided for clients not taking part in the group’s walking program.

Responsible tourism: Tourism has an effect on any area. It is essential to minimize the negative impact that we may cause. We do not allow our clients and staff to damage the physical environment, living litter or rubbish lying around. Anything we take in to an area, we must take out again.

First aid: Our guides are qualified in first aid and curry a complete first aid kit at all times. We are also connected with the Greek mountain rescue and the National Center for Immediate Medical Help.


What follows for your information, is the mountain refuge accommodation cost as well as food indicative prices. (Prices as they are up to now).

Accommodation (fully equipped mountain refuge with toilet facilities): 18.00€ / person / night.
Breakfast full (butter, marmalade, bread, tea/coffee/milk, eggs/omelet): 10.00 € / person.
Breakfast plain (butter, marmalade, bread, tea/coffee/milk/chocolate): 6.00 to 7.00€ / person.
Light lunch: 7.00€ / person.
Dinner full meal (two or three choices like soup, spaghetti, meat, potatoes, salad, cheese e.c.t.): 10.00 to 12.00€ / person.

You can also get biscuits, chocolate and drinks at the refuges.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
What is included in this tour? Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

• The guidance.
• The route planning and organization.
• The accommodation arrangements and booking.
• Telescopic walking sticks if you do not have yours.
• The protection equipment (protective helmets) for the Mytikas (Main summit) ascent.

Whats not included in this tour. Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

• Meals and the accommodation are not included in the above prices and are to be paid by you at the spot.
• You can bring your own food if you wish.
• The VAT is not included in the above prices.

Apart from your seasonal clothing you should bring with you the following:

. A day back pack (30 to 50 lt.).
. A pair of good walking boots.
. 2 pairs of hiking trousers, a short one & a long one or convertible.
. Fleecy jacket and pullover.
. Wind proof / water repellent breathable jacket.
. Extra tee shirts, under wear and good socks for walking.
. Three seasons sleeping bag, if sleeping outdoors.
. 1lt to 1.5 lt water flask or simply a plastic water bottle.
. Sun glasses.
. Sun and head worming hat.
. Sun protective cream.
. Telescopic walking poles (we can provide them if needed).
. Head lamp.
. It is advisable to have a sheet or a very thin & light sleeping bag for using it as a sheet, as the refuges provide only blankets.

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