Rock Climbing and Inflatable Kayaking & Monorafting

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Rock Climbing and Inflatable Kayaking & Monorafting

We meet at Arioprino location. An early start brings us to a rock face on northern Kissavos with great views down towards the sea, some 700m lower, where you are about to try, probably your first vertical steps. This is a great combination of physical and mental effort. The right body placement along with focused concentration on to the next move, will give unexpected great results, under the instruction and supervision of our guides. After a pleasant break for a light picnic meal at a close by café / restaurant in the forest, we move down to the river to prepare ourselves for a two-seater monorafting or inflatable kayaking ride in the Pinios river, along the Tempi valley and a part of the river’s delta.

Inflatable kayaking & monorafting: After the climbing and the picnic brake, transfer to the river below, to ride down the river and through the valley on the inflatables this time! A wondering in an amaizing natural beauty!

Price: 90.00€ p.p.

Total activity’s duration from the time we meet to the “ready to go home” time, 7.00′ to 8.00′ hours.


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    Adult individuals, Family (min age 8 yrs)
  • Activity Level Moderately Demanding
  • Min age 7 - 8 years