High ropes & Team building activities from Olympos Trek

Here we have a combination of activities / events / games of team work and great enjoyment (especially suitable for groups, schools, corporate & organizations, not to exclude families and adult individuals).

Most of the activities / events are carefully designed in such a way, so that the participants individually or separated in groups, can improve their ability of team work, having great fun at the same time, with the thrilling taste of adrenaline!

Some of these events are fly-foxing, aerial passages and bridges, games of balance and self-control, abseiling and many more.

The participant uses at all times the appropriate safety equipment while taking part in the event (protective helmet harness, top roping e c t), while being under the supervision and constant care of our guides / instructors.

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Best Seasons:Spring, summer & autumn
Popular Location:Parapotamos rafting base.

Activity: High ropes & Team building

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