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All you would like to know about the activity.

It is open to everyone – guided for non-climbers - who wish to have such an experience. Most of its length, is a high-level scramble and actual climbing of low grade at certain sections. Equipped and secured with ropes, harnesses and safety equipment, clipped into fixed gear on the rock, the participant is able to explore an inaccessible and remote natural world of exceptional beauty and stunning views all around and bellow.

As it also bears a lot of similarities to climbing and mountaineering in general, can therefore be a very enjoyable introduction to both.


How is it done?

Meet your guide / s at the given meeting point for the activity. Transferred to the starting point of the approach walk where we gear up. Then hike to the base / staring point of the route, where your guide /s introduce you to the basics of safety and use of equipment.

Tackle a series of 'Via Cordata' rock pitches that are well suited to all of you, following a route that’s bolted securely into the cliff. Leave the flat terrain far behind as you climb towards perfect views up a spectacular rocky ridge or traversing a tiny path on the rock face. Usually we take a break along the way or at the end of it, where you'll pause for a picnic with “a view”. Enjoy some time on top / end of the route, before we take the return hiking trail back to the starting point.

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Best Seasons:All year round.
Popular Location:Tempi valley, Mt. Kissavos (Ossa), Meteora.

Activity: Via Cordata / Via Ferrata

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