Rules and conditions for participating in outdoor activities / activity programs with Olympos Trek in Greecε

1. General rules

Α. All the activities and activity holiday programs offered by OLYMPOS TREK are available to everyone who is mentally and physically healthy and in reasonable state of fitness.

B. All clients must undertake to accept the leaders’, guide-instructors’ instructions at all times, as well as a certain element of danger, when undertaking multi-activity holidays / outdoor activities. Safety is of paramount importance and your experienced leaders, guide-instructors are there to help you at all times.

C. Any client suffering from any illness, even if it does not affect their chosen activity, must inform the representative on arrival at their destination.

D. Any client who is under age must be accompanied by an adult, or have written permission from the parents for traveling alone in order to participate in any activity.

E. The company reserves the right to refuse any under age client, if they appear to be unsuitable for any activity, and any other client regardless of age for the same reason.

F. The leader guide-instructor reserves the right to exclude anyone who is considered to behave in an anti-social manner, or is judged to be a liability to the rest of the group or dangerous to himself and / or to the rest of the group.

2. Agencies, clubs, societies and group leaders

A. It is the responsibility of the agency, club, society or group leader to inform the clients of the booking rules and conditions, collect and deposit any money in the activity supplier’s bank account.

4. Change of program – activity

A. The activity supplier / provider reserves the right to alter or cancel any part or all the program or activity for reasons of safety due to natural disasters or extreme weather conditions, which would put the client in a dangerous and / or hazardous situation.

B. Due to general strikes and other such elements which are out of the control of the supplier or its associates.

C. Where possible, an alternative activity or program may be offered to the client at no extra cost, otherwise the full money value paid is returned to the client.

5. Insurance

A. I possess my own insurance, thus I absolve OLYMPOS TREK from any insurance liability.

Prior to the commence of the activity / activity program you will be asked to sign a form of the above rules and conditions for acceptance and agreement and in case of under age participants, the parent or adult escort will sign on behalf of them.