Orlias canyon – Mt. Olympus.

Orlias canyon lays on the northeast slopes of Mt. Olympus near the well known archeological site and the village of Dion. Because of the fact that it is relatively long with numerous and high waterfalls, we split it in two main sections Orlias I and II, so that the participants can enjoy it the most as a one day activity. A smaller last section is Orlias III, ideal for families with smaller children and large groups of absolute beginners.

Enipeas canyon – Mt. Olympus.

Enipeas is a long stream running along the eastern slopes of Mt. Olympus, its springs being at about 1200m at Prionia location and meet Litohoro at the mountain’s feet and subsequently the Aegean sea after some 11km downhill run. In the millions of years it has created the dramatically beautiful Enipeas or Mavrolongos gorge, one of the most beautiful landmarks of Mt. Olympus massif.

The canyoning section of Enipeas starts at the height of S. Dyonisios monastery (840m), and finishes at Litohoro at about 300m. Because of its great length (about 6km) and long crossing time, especially when we talk about relatively large groups of people, we do it as an organized outdoor activity in three separate sections, Enipeas I, II and III. By doing so, we aim to the full enjoyment of the participants within normal timing and physical fatigue.

    Canyoning in Enipeas I

    Canyoning Mt. Olympus, Canyoning

    Enipeas I Canyon - Mt. Olympus. Start 790m – Finish 670m – Drop 120m. After meeting at Litohoro, we move by road up the mountain towards Prionia location and the monastery of Ag. Dyonisios in our or your means of transport. 10’ walk down…

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      Canyoning in Enipeas II

      Canyoning Mt. Olympus, Canyoning

      Enipeas II Canyon - Mt. Olympus. Start 620m – Finish 470m – Drop 150m. We meet at Litohoro from where we move by road up the mountain to the monastery of Agios Dionysios in our means of transport, while yours…

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        Canyoning in Orlias I

        Canyoning Mt. Olympus, Canyoning

        Orlias I Canyon - Mt. Olympus Canyoning Start 770m – Finish 550m – Drop 220m. You come in your own means of transport - unless arranged defferently - to the finishing point of all three sections of Orlias and meeting point for…

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          Canyoning in Orlias II.

          Canyoning Mt. Olympus, Canyoning

          Orlias II Section - Mt Olympus. Start 550m – Finish 320m– Drop 230m. A 50’ walk on the same path as for Orlias I Canyoning, leads us into the canyon, at the finishing point of Orlias I. Orlias II offers everything that a canyon can…

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            Canyoning in Orlias III

            Canyoning Mt. Olympus, Canyoning

            Orlias III Canyon - Mt. Olympus Canyoning Start 320m - Finish 250m - Drop 70m. After meeting and gearing up at the usual meeting place for all sections of Olias Canyon i.e. the Ag. Konstantinos chapel, we reach the starting…

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