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A few words about the river and the area.

We are in the central Pindus range and we talk about the upper flow of Acheloos river, the so called “Aspropotamos” (White river). The mountains on both sides of the river are called “Aspropotamos Mountains”, the villages of the greater area “Asptopotamos villages” and the inhabitants (locals) “Aspropotamites” (people of Aspropotamos). This upper part of Acheloos river has been named “Aspropotamos” by the locals in the very old times, because of its exceptionally clear and white water, giving so an identity and character to a large mountainous area, which is called…how else but “Aspropotamos”.
So, here we make a long step to the very end of western Thessaly, in order to get rafting and mono-rafting thrills in this beautiful mountain river which flows through the high summits of the central Pindus! The felling here is completely different, with the smell of the fir tree and the clear mountain air. Fantastic scenery accompanies us throughout the rafting ride, in an untouched area, in an “other” Greece!


How you come to the area.

To come to the area, your general destination will be “Tria Potamia Aspropotamou” in the western part of Trikala Prefecture. From Trikala, you get there either via Kalambaka or via Pili, Elati and Pertouli. Our Google maps in the above link will give you all the road directions you need.

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Best Season:March, April.
Popular Location: Tria Potamia, Messochora.

Destination: River Aspropotamos (Acheloos)

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