One day Canyoning Adventures for Group type: Family (minimum age 10 – 11 years)

    Canyoning in Gianoulas

    Canyoning Mt. Kissavos (Ossa), Canyoning

    Giannoulas Canyon – Mt. Kissavos. Start 700m – Finish 460m – Drop 240m. It lays close and parallel to Kakoskala IIa, very similar and of the same scale, but with its own character and peculiarities. It offers 7 abseils from…

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      Canyoning in Kakoskala Ia

      Canyoning Mt. Kissavos (Ossa), Canyoning

      Kakoskala Ia Canyon – Mt. Kissavos. Start 1300m – Finish 1080m – Drop 220m. A small scale canyon - abseil lengthwise - with 11 continuous abseils and two beautiful water slides! The abseils range from 2m the shortest to 8m the longest. This section…

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        Canyoning in Orlias III

        Canyoning Mt. Olympus, Canyoning

        Orlias III Canyon - Mt. Olympus Canyoning Start 320m - Finish 250m - Drop 70m. After meeting and gearing up at the usual meeting place for all sections of Olias Canyon i.e. the Ag. Konstantinos chapel, we reach the starting…

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          Canyoning in Rakopotamos

          Canyoning Mt. Kissavos (Ossa), Canyoning

          Rakopotamos Canyon – Mt. Mavrovouni. Start 340m – Finish 0m – Drop 340m. Mt. Mavrovouni is the continuation of Mt. Kissavos to the south. Rakopotamos lays in the very north of Mavrovouni. Unique formations of limestone, created by the continuous endless water…

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