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The greater area of Mt. Kissavos and lower Mt. Olympus offers more than enough and very interesting mountain biking routes for all tastes and demands. They range from easy and relaxing crossings for the “easy riders” to more demanding ones for the very keen of the kind. The routes are crossings and loops, made and designed for various levels of ability and preference. After all, our aim is to give good time through this in many different ways. Let’s not forget that we do not talk here about athletes, but all the rest of us who seek a special contact with the natural environment and distinct places of the land we are in. The only requirement is “bicycle riding knowledge” and good spirit, living the rest to us for a very nice and active time indeed! The routes unroll mainly in forest roads, dense forests and open spaces as well, revealing breathtaking views of higher Olympus and the Aegean sea. We become one with the locals and their way of life in the most genuine and simplest way, as we enjoy a cup of coffee under the old and huge plane tree at a typical mountain village square, while having a rest half way along our biking ride.

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Best Seasons:Spring, Summer and Autumn
Popular Location:Mt. Kissavos, Mt. Olympus, Pinios River

Activity: Mountain biking

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