Olympos Trek

The great outdoor experience in Greece! For old and young, experienced and beginners.

“Olympos Trek”an outdoor activities provider based in Larissa (Eastern Thessaly), specialized in outdoor activities and multi activity holidays, has been offering its professional services since 1995.

A pioneer in this field in Eastern Thessaly, “Olympos Trek”, has literally created and developed, all those outdoor activities like canyoning, rafting, river canoeing, sea kayaking, adventure course activities (climbing, abseiling, fly foxing, high ropes) e.t.c. on a professional and organised basis.

Vassilis Gravanis, the founder and owner of “Olympos Trek” comes from the mountaineering world. He has been a very keen mountaineer and rock climber for over 30 years. The thousands of vertical rock climbing steps, the endless hours of rambling along obsolete mountain slopes, his four Himalayan expeditions and most of all, his love for the natural world around us resulted in sound knowledge and great experience.

His main drive was the exploration of the unknown and the new! Finally he knew pretty well, that his native land more than anything else had a great potential for the outdoor active world. It was only natural that mountaineering and climbing where to be followed by canyoning , rafting, sea kayaking, river canoeing, mountain biking and so on.

From that time onwards, many ideas came to fruition, not least of all, the founding of “Olympos Trek.

The long and creative presence in the field makes “Olympos Trek” the leading name in this kind of services, in all eastern Thessaly. The comments of our customers do prove it.

“Olympos Trek” activities are in absolute harmony with the human need for a balanced contact with the natural environment. Our activities are carefully created and planned, so that they are accessible to all of you according to your personal taste and experience and yet, with the element of action and adventure always present.

Our professional guidance and the appropriate equipment are the guarantees of your enjoyment and safety. At the same time you have the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere and beauty and find out about the tradition and history, so abundant in this country.

The areas of our activities and holiday programs are: Mt. Olympos, Mt. Kissavos (Ossa), the coast of the Aegean Sea, Tempi Valley and river Pinios  in eastern Thessally, river Acheloos (Aspropotamos) and Meteora in western Thessaly, in central Greece.

Eastern Thessaly…
A coastline that boasts so many sandy beaches of unique natural beauty, a mountainous chain running from the North to the South along this coastline, from Mt. Olympus to Mt. Pelion and the islands of the N. Sporades group, the southern continuation into the Aegean Sea, form the complete picture of this area, so remarkably rich with history, culture and nature’s gifts.

Little is heard about it, especially to an outsider. Yet, if you took the trouble to discover and understand the character of the area, you would be pleasantly surprised with what you would experience, wondering why you have not been here before! Maybe, that’s the beauty of this area.

It is yet to be discovered, or, perhaps with our help, rediscovered!

So much more could be written, but this we believe, would only serve as superfluous prose. Instead, we invite you to come and see for yourself. We know you will not be disappointed!


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