Participation for the one-day activities

After having booked your activity/ies, you come to the appropriate meeting point for your activity by your own means of transport. If you do not have your own means of transport, then, we can arrange to pick you up from your accommodation at an extra cost. In every activity’s description of our menu, there is always a reference about where we meet (the meeting point) for the actual activity. To see how you can go to the meeting point, look at “Maps – Our Activities Destinations” and at the destinations list, look for the actual meeting point you are looking for and click on it to locate it on the map. Then click on “Οδηγίες” to have the road directions from where you are (point A) to the meeting point (Point B). And any way, we will be there to give you any directions and information you will need about it.

From the meeting point onwards, your local transfer to and from the activity’s actual area is our responsibility, as well as your full enjoyment during the activity itself.

OLYMPOS TREK people, and our plentiful country will turn your trip into un unforgettable experience.


If you are a group of 4 people minimum, you have the full flexibility of time and activity. Otherwise, you will have to participate within another group, if there is one suitable timewise. If not and you still wish to do the activity being less than the minimum 4 persons, then you will have to pay the total sum for the minimum 4 persons.

Information and bookings, by phone, fax and e-mail.

We are at your disposal.


It is important that you have adequate insurance cover when participating in multi – activity holidays. If you are taking out insurance when you make your booking, please be extra sure and check you have the right cover.

All clients who have their own insurance cover will absolve Olympos Trek Holidays, their associates and insurers from any liability when signing the booking form.