What is the best time to go Canyoning with us?

The time periods (months) which follow below for every canyon or section, are proposed as best to do the activity, in relation to the presence and acceptable volume of running water in the canyon, as well as the right air /  water temperature and weather conditions in general. The red stars (*) on the months indicate that the above mentioned factors are at their best or very best in the case of two stars (**), interpreted as degree of fun and pleasure. The non mentioned months are considered to be forbidding, because of the low air / water temperatures and high water volume, factors which make the activity rather unpleasant and in many cases dangerous.


Kalypso I: April**, May**, June*, July.

Kalypso II: April**, May**, June**, July*, August, September, October.

Kolopanou: April**, May**, June, July.

Kakoskala Ia: April, May**, June**,July*, August*, September.

Kakoskala Ib: April*, May**, June**, July*, August*, September, October.

Kakoskala Ic: March*, April**, May**, June*, July.

Kryoneri: April*, May**, June*.

Kakoskala IIa: April*, May**, June**, July*, August, September, October.

Kakoskala IIb: April**, May**, June**, July*, August, September, October.

Giannoulas: April*, May**, June*, July.

Rakopotamos I & II: April*, May**, June**, July**, August*, September*, October.

Enipeas I, II & III: July, August**, September*, October.

Orlias I, II & III: April, May*, June**, July**, August**, September*, October*.


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