Canyoning on Mt. Kissavos & Mt. Olympus. How and where you come?

Where we meet for the Mt. Kissavos canyons:

Most of the canyoning in the area takes place in the wonderful canyons of the north east Mt. Kissavos or Ossa. Ten different sections of canyons of various interest and beauty are situated on the very green north east slopes of Mt. Kissavos. So, for this activity we meet either at our Mt. Kissavos base (outdoor activity center of Mt. Kissavos), or at the nearby Karitsa village, at its south end, where the characteristic spring is. In case of other activities than canyoning we can meet at the seaside village of Stomion or even at your accommodation / hotel in the area. This will  be arranged in person if and when needed depending upon the nature and location of the activity.

How you come: If you travel from the south on E75 motorway, after by-passing Larisa and just after the Makrychori toll-post, you come off at the exit to Evangelismos & Tempi valley. In the a couple of kilometers you enter the valley and at its other end, just before the Pinios river bridge, you exit to the right to Omolio, Stomion, Karytsa and the coast.  Accordingly, if you travel from the north on the E75 and just after passing through the Tempi valley tunels, you come off at the same exit (Evangelismos & Tempi valley) and through the valley to the exit to Omolio, Stomion, Karytsa and the coast.  You bypass Omolion from left side and another 7 km lead you to Stomion. You bypass Stomion from right side and you start going uphill towards Karytsa. Note that after bypassing Stomion there are two road splits. In the first one you go left and in the second one you take the road on the right to Karytsa (the left road goes along the coast, while the one to Karytsa continues uphill).


How you come to our base:

One kilometer before Karytsa, you come across the hotel Dohos situated on the left side of the road. Just after passing the hotel, turn right to Spilia and Arioprino. There is an Olympos Trek sign at this turning as well. In another 3.1 km, you arrive at the picnic area and café / restaurant at “Arioprino” location. At this point you take the dirt road on your right, following the Olympos Trek sign, to reach our base (an other Olympos Trek sign) in another 2.6 km.


Where we meet for the Mt. Olympus canyons:

We meet either at Litohoro – the main town at the eastern feet of the mountain – for the Enipeas canyon or at Dion well known archeological site and village at the north east feet of the mountain – for the Orlias canyon. Both places are very well known and easily accessible (exit to Litohoro and Dion on the E75 motorway).

For the Orlias canyon it is usually better to meet at the canyon’s starting point, where the meeting point is at the Agios Konstantinos chapel. To get there, you go as follows: On the Athens – Thessaloniki highway, between Leptokarya and Katerini, you exit to Litochoro and Dion. You go to Dion. At the entrance of Dion you turn left following the sign for Mt. Olympus. Then, small signs to “Mt. Olympus” lead you through the village and out of it to the road which will take you to the canyon location and the chapel. While on this road, you are facing the mountain, and when you reach its feet, a few zig-zag turns up the mountain, will lead you to the chapel area (the chapel on the right side of the road). At this point the asphalt ends and continues as a dirt road.

Have a nice trip!



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