Moderately demanding Canyoning.

What determines our grading?

The factor which determines our grading / level of demand of our various canyoning routes / canyons / sections is the combination of length of section / route, time in the canyon, number and length of abseils and required level of previous experience.

    Canyoning in Gianoulas

    Canyoning Mt. Kissavos (Ossa), Canyoning

    Giannoulas Canyon – Mt. Kissavos (Ossa). Start 700m – Finish 460m – Drop 240m. It lays close and parallel to Kakoskala IIa, very similar and of the same scale, but with its own character and peculiarities. It offers 7 abseils…

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      Canyoning in Orlias I section

      Canyoning Mt. Olympus, Canyoning

      Orlias I section - Mt. Olympus. Start 770m – Finish 550m – Drop 220m. You come in your own means of transport - unless arranged defferently - to the finishing point of all three sections of Orlias and meeting point for this…

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        Canyoning in Orlias II section

        Canyoning Mt. Olympus, Canyoning

        Orlias II Section - Mt Olympus. Start 550m – Finish 320m– Drop 230m. A 50’ walk on the same path as for Orlias I Canyoning, leads us into the canyon, at the finishing point of Orlias I. Orlias II offers everything that a canyon can…

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