Mountain Walking / Hiking Info.

General information about the activity of Walking / Hiking.

The activity of Mountain Walking / Hiking meets its purpose with the ones who simply love walking and wondering in mountainous nature on foot, for their physical exercise, peace of mind and pleasure through walking. It also offers a close contact and overall knowledge of the natural environment and the area you are in, the people, the culture and the history. Our walks, are carefully selected so that they harmonically fulfill all the above aims. Our local knowledge helps a lot towards it!…

The walks of the various routes described in this website are referred and classed as:

  • Easy: Regardless of length, mainly flat on a well paved path.
  • Moderate: Regardless of length, with sections of up hills and down hills, on a moderately paved path.
  • Difficult or Demanding or Challenging: Regardless of length, with sharp gain or loss of altitude, on a badly / very badly paved path or sections with no path at all (off path).

Note that the above classification is indicative and gives a relative indication of the walk’s technical nature.


The Activity’s process.

The participants come to the activity’s meeting point in their own means of transport on asphalt road, and then, in the case of dirt road, continue in our means of transport to the starting point of the walk. The walkers’ group is escorted by our experienced local guide / es, who possess a very good knowledge of the routes and the area, their priority and duty being your safety and introduction to the area’s history and culture. Along every route, there is always a good stop for rest, hot drinks / cookies and a light lunch (picnic) prepared by us for you. Sometimes, the light lunch takes place at the end of the route, if this is suitable. If the route is a crossing, then, you are transferred back to the starting point and your vehicle by our own means of transport (minibus).


Mountain Walking / Hiking. How long does it take in total?

Note that the given times of the walks in the description of every route are an indicative average. Depending upon the ability and the mood of the participants, this time can increase or decrease slightly. To these times add 30’ to 1.00’ hour in order to have the total time, including the transfers (off asphalt roads), to / from the activity when this is needed and is done by us.


Meeting points for the actual activity and routes. How you come.

Something very important about our activities area: For the ones who come from abroad, the Thessaloniki airport is the best option to fly to, as it is the nearest airport to our activities area. From the Thessaloniki airport you can come to the area and your accommodation, by car on the E75 motorway, or by public transport, train or bus, in about an hour.

Mt. Kissavos walks. Where we meet: We meet either at our base (Mt. Kissavos activities center) or at the nearby Arioprino location or at the village of Spilia, depending upon the walking route we are about to do. We can even pick you up at your accommodation / hotel, if you wish. This can be arranged at an extra cost. 

Mt. Olympus walks. Where we meet: For the walking routes on Mt. Olympus, our meeting takes place in Litohoro (central open parking place), the main town at the eastern feet of the mountain. On the Athens – Thessaloniki highway, you come off at the exit to Litohoro and Dion. In less than 5km you are in Litohoro.

In all the above Google Maps – Our activities destinations, for every meeting point, you can have the road directions from the place you come from or the place of your accommodation to the actual meeting point.

It will help: Most detailed and useful is the “Kissavos and Tempi” and “Mt. Olympus” maps of “Anavasi” editions, as well as the map in our web site.


Mountain walking / Hiking. What do I need to have / bring with me?

Αpart from your seasonal clothing and footwear, you need to bring with you the following:

a. A small day sack 30 to 50 lt.

b. A pair of good walking shoes / boots or good sports shoes.

c. A fleecy pullover or jacket (for the spring and autumn months for all the walks and for the Olympus accent during the summer months too).

d. A water / windproof breathable jacket (for the spring and autumn months for all the walks and for the Olympus accent during the summer months too).

e. A light single skin (preferably poncho type) waterproof (only in the case of expected / forecasted rain).

f. A pair of synthetic hiking pants or sports trousers for the spring and autumn months and equivalent type in shorts or Bermudas for the summer.

g. Water bottle.

h. Sun protective & head worming hat.

i. Telescopic walking sticks, not absolutely necessary, but can help a lot (if you do not have yours, we can provide them).

j. Head torch (if do not have it, any other type will do, not absolutely necessary for one day walks).


When is the best time to do it?

The best time for all the described routes / walks is during Spring, Summer & Autumn. The very best time though, is during the months of April, May, June and September.

The 2 and 3 day ascent season on Mt Olympus, starts in the end of May / beginning of June and goes all the way through to the end of October.