Mountain Biking Info

General information about the activity of Mountain Biking.

The greater area of Mt. Kissavos and lower Mt. Olympus offers more than enough and very interesting mountain biking routes for all tastes and demands. They range from easy and relaxing crossings for the “easy riders” to more demanding ones for the very keen of the kind. The routes are crossings and loops, made and designed for various levels of ability and preference. After all, our aim is to give good time through this in many different ways. Let’s not forget that we do not talk here about athletes, but all the rest of us who seek a special contact with the natural environment and distinct places of the land we are in. The only requirement is “bicycle riding knowledge” and good spirit, living the rest to us for a very nice and active time indeed! The routes unroll mainly in forest roads, dense forests and open spaces as well, revealing breathtaking views of the higher Olympus and the Aegean Sea. We become one with the locals and their way of life in the most genuine and simplest way, as we enjoy a cup of coffee under the old and huge plane tree at a typical mountain village square, while having a rest half way along our biking ride.


The activity’s process.

How is it done? The bikes and the rest of the equipment for the Mountain Biking activity are waiting for us at the meeting point. After the briefing about the route and the bikes’ adjustments, off we go! There is an escort vehicle, meeting the group at certain points or check – outs, being in wireless contact with the guide or the group’s leader throughout the route. We stop for hot drinks, cookies and light lunch at well selected nice spot along the ride (at some occasions the picnic lunch is offered at the end of the ride, while the drinks and cookies, at the stop along the ride).

After we have finished a crossing, you are being transferred back to the starting point and your cars for the return.  Our job is to turn this foot-powered, two-wheeled mountain wondering in to a really rewarding and unforgettable experience! Have a nice ride!

You can of course bring your own bicycle if you wish, with the appropriate discount on the actual activity’s price. All the routes presented here in detail, can be altered before or during the activity, in order to suit your needs to the degree of being practically possible.


How long does it take in total?

The duration of the activity, stated in every route’s description, refers to the cycling time including only the very short stops along the way. The total time of the activity including the long stops (in the villages for a drink or lunch) could be 5.00’ hours for the shorter routes and 7.00’ or 8.00’ hours for the longer ones. Note that for the crossings we have to consider your transfer back to the starting point.


Meeting points for the actual activity and routes. 

The Mountain Biking routes on Mt. Kissavos. Where we meet:  depending upon the route we choose, we meet either at our base (Mt. Kissavos activities center) or at the nearby Arioprino location or at the village of Stomio, depending upon the biking route we are about to do. We can even pick you up at your accommodation / hotel, if you wish. This can be arranged at an extra cost.

The Olympus Mountain Biking routes. Where we meet, how you come: For the biking routes on the lower Mt. Olympus, our meeting takes place in the villages Palei Pori or Paleos Panteleimon, on the mountain slopes above the Thessaloniki – Larisa E75 motorway at about where Platamon resort is (that’s where the exits to the two villages are). Depending upon the route we are going to do, we decide before hand in which of the two villages we meet.

It will help: Most detailed and useful is the “Kissavos and Tempi” map of “Anavasi” editions, as well as the map in our web site.


What do I need to have / bring with me?

What follows here has to do with informing the beginners in the mountain biking. The ones who have a more specific or very specific relationship with mountain biking, they most likely have the knowledge and possess the appropriate and specialized in many cases personal equipment.

So, apart from your seasonal clothing and footwear, you need to bring with you the following:

a. Sport shoes or light trekking shoes or even specialized MTB shoes.

b. shorts or Bermuda pants for the summer months and sports pants or cycling tight pants for the colder months.

c. Synthetic isothermal t-shirt, thin short sleeved for the summer time and thicker long sleeved for the colder months.

d. Small day backpack or cycling backpack.


When is the best time to do it?

According to our area’s location and conditions, the higher altitude Mountain Biking routes are best to be done from mid spring to the beginning of autumn.

The ones at lower altitude, practically all year round, apart from cases of low snow-fall during the winter months. The ideal time for all routes is spring summer and autumn.