Inflatable Kayaking & Monorafting activities from Olympos Trek

In two-seater inflatable kayaks or monorafts. Same routes as with the rafting but with a more personal feeling as here you drive your boat in cooperation with your co-paddler. For higher grades like in the Vernezi route, a previous basic white-water kayaking experience would help and be much appreciated. For the Tempi valley route, no previous experience is required! As with the rest, let's try it in action!

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Best Seasons:November to the end of May
Popular Location:Vernezi, Tempi valley, Aspropotamos

Activity: Walking / Hiking Inflatable Kayaking & Monorafting

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    Inflatable Kayaking & Monorafting in the “Tempi Valley and the first part of the delta” – River Pinios.

    4.30’ to 5.00’ hours

    Inflatable kayaking & Monorafting in the Pinios River. Route: “Tempi valley & the first part of the delta”. The route description is the same with canoeing and rafting in the Tempi valley, only the crossing in this case takes place in two-seater inflatable…

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      Inflatable Kayaking & Monorafting River Pinios. Route 1 “Vernezi straits”

      5.00’ to 5.30’ hours

      It is again the same river section as in the rafting, the Vernezi route, so details about how you come and about the activity itself, llook at “Rafting – The Vernezi route. How you come, details about the activity”. The activity takes place towards the end of…

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