Highly  demanding Canyoning programmes (In terms of length and time in the canyon, number of abseils and required level of previous experience )

    Canyoning in Enipeas II

    Canyoning Mt. Olympus, Canyoning

    Enipeas II Canyon - Mt. Olympus. Start 620m – Finish 470m – Drop 150m. We meet at Litohoro from where we move by road up the mountain to the monastery of Agios Dionysios in our means of transport, while yours…

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      Canyoning in Kakoskala IIb

      Canyoning Mt. Kissavos (Ossa), Canyoning

      Kakoskala IIb Canyon – Mt. Kissavos. Start 520m – Finish 100m – Drop 380m. It is the continuation of Kakoskala IIa. Here, our pleasant surprise had become even greater when we first came down this section. Remarkably tall plane trees up to even…

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        Canyoning in Rakopotamos

        Canyoning Mt. Kissavos (Ossa), Canyoning

        Rakopotamos Canyon – Mt. Mavrovouni. Start 340m – Finish 0m – Drop 340m. Mt. Mavrovouni is the continuation of Mt. Kissavos to the south. Rakopotamos lays in the very north of Mavrovouni. Unique formations of limestone, created by the continuous endless water…

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