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Mt. Mavrovouni is the continuation of Mt. Kissavos to the south or of Mt. Pelion to the north. In other words, it is the natural connection of the two. It is a long, not very high mountain but extremely beautiful and densely forested on the east side, while on the west, rocky and bare, alike its two neighbors. All three, according to the Greek mythology, are the Centaurs' mountains, the livelihood of the half horse and half human creatures.

Rakopotamos canyon lies on the north east part of the mountain. An exceptionally beautiful canyon with its two sections, Rako I & Rako II and its unique character, compared with Mt. Kissavos or Mt., Olympus canyons. Very much worth trying it!

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Best Season:April, May, June, July, August, September, October.
Popular Location: Rakopotamos canyon

Destination: Mt. Mavrovouni

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    Canyoning in Rakopotamos

    4.00’ hours

    Rakopotamos Canyon – Mt. Mavrovouni. Start 340m – Finish 0m – Drop 340m. Mt. Mavrovouni is the continuation of Mt. Kissavos to the south. Rakopotamos lays in the very north of Mavrovouni. We meet at the marina of Agiokampos (Agiokampos…

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