Mt. Biking. “940m – Metamorphosis – P. Panteleimon – P. Pori”, Lower Olympus.

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Mt. Biking. Route: “940m – Metamorphosis – P. Pandeleimon – P. Pori”.

Total length 28.8 km.

Start at 940m and finish at P. Pori. Max. gained height, 1470m. 12.5% asphalt road.

Quite a sharp ascent at the beginning, to 1160 in just 3.2 km, and after the next 6.1 km, we reach 1470m  in a milder fashion. At this point we are only 110m below the lower Olympus’s highest summit Metamorphosis. The option to walk up to the summit and enjoy impressive views of the higher Olympus, will be proposed by the guides. Then, we go down to 1290m quite smoothly over 5 km and more sharply to 700m over the next 7.1 km. Here we meet the asphalt, which takes us down to 550m for another 3.6 km, facing east. At 550m, we turn south on a dirt road again and cycling in deep pine forest for 3.8 km, we reach P. Pori at 540m and the end of the route. This is an exceptionally beautiful route, with a strong sense of being at high altitude, while the presence of the gods’ mountain dominates the area! Duration of cycling 3.30′ hours.

Price: 60.00€ p.p.

Note, that if you have your own bike, you have a 15% off the price.

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    Adult individuals, Family (min age 13 - 14 yrs)
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All about the Mt. Biking. “940m – Metamorphosis – P. Panteleimon – P. Pori”, Lower Olympus..

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