8-day – “Olympus Active II”

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Code name: “Olympus Active II”

Trip dossier:
Country: Greece.
Region: Mt. Olympus & greater area.
Duration: 8 days / 7 nights.
Period: From the Second half of June to the first half of September.
Type: Multi-activity – Adult individuals & groups and families with children minimum 13 years of age.
Level: “Medium +” – Mainly activity orientated.

Trip profile: An exhilarating multi-activity holiday, based around Mt. Olympus mainly, Tempi Valley and Pinios river in south east Makedonia and north east Thessaly, set in a region of outstanding historical interest and natural beauty. This is a varied and exciting itinerary catering for people of all ability and fitness levels, families with children above 13 years and individual adults. This active holiday program consists of a combination of a 2 or 3-day Mt. Olympus ascent and full and half day river, canyon, Via Cordata / Ferrata and Mountain biking activities, all around or on Mt. Olympus itself.

Itinerary: Please note, that this itinerary can be subject to slight changes, concerning mainly the time sequence of the activities, in response to variable local weather conditions. Find the detailed Itinerary below.

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  • Vacation Style Holiday Type
    Adult individuals, Family (min age 13 - 14 yrs)
  • Activity Level Moderately Demanding
  • Min age 13 years
  1. Day 1 Arrival

    Transfer from the airport to your accommodation in Litohoro or the greater area of the eastern Mt. Olympus, as here is the closest to the starting point of this trip. You meet with your local guides and have a pre-tour introduction over the welcome meal.

  2. Day 2 Mt. Olympus ascent - Day 1.

    Today we move by road to the Prionia location and parking space at 1100m, where we start off our walk. A stunningly beautiful place, dominated by impressive rock faces and enormous mountain pine trees. At about 11:00 we start our walk from Prionia. After a 3-hour walk on a well-marked path, we reach refuge A’ or ”Spilios Agapitos”, at 2100 m. Here we have a good rest, admiring the view over a drink and a light lunch. At about 15:30, we set off for the muses’ plateau, our today’s destination. It will take us about another three hours to reach the plateau, at 2720 m. A fantastic walk to reach a unique place! We are very close to the summits and the Gods themselves! There will be plenty of time to wonder around this beautiful place, have a good rest and enjoy your evening meal.

    Altitude covered, 1750m up. Approximate net walking time, 6.00’ to 7.00’ hours, easy / moderate.

  3. Day 3 Mt. Olympus ascent - Day 2.

    Summit day. A very early start at 06:00. (Safety first and a fantastic sun rise from the summit are two very good reasons for such an early start). We should reach the highest summit (Mytikas 2917 m.) at about 07:30 to 08:00. Back to the refuge before noon. We have a very well-earned rest and lunch. At 12:30 to 13:00 we start off down the mountain. We should be back to Prionia at 18:00 to 18:30 and then back to your accommodation.

    Altitude covered, 170m up and 1800m down. Approximate net walking time, 8.00’ hours mainly down, easy / moderate walk / challenging scramble.

  4. Day 4 Rest day

    Τo spend at the beach, sample some local good wine or visit places of interest in the greater area (we will be there to propose or organize it for you especially if you do not have your own means of transport), or sample the shops and the cultural life of the nearby Larisa, or a day trip to the impressive landmark of Meteora rocks and its monasteries.

  5. Day 5 Canyoning

    This time we move to the northern slopes of Mt. Olympus, where the very special Orlias canyon (Orlias II section  for adults and older children / youths and Orlias III section for families with smaller children) will make sure that you get the best out of the activity, as well as an exciting and unforgettable day! This is canyoning at its best! Both, grown-ups and young ones will feel that they have done something really special! And that is exactly what they will have done! Long jumps, fantastic slides, crystal clear pools, dramatically beautiful scenery and plenty of running water, synthesize the picture of this amazing place! On top of everything else is the unique Olympus atmosphere…you do not see it but you definitely feel it! Duration of the actual canyoning, 3.30’ to 6.00’ hours depending upon which canyon section we do.

    Overall activity’s duration, 5.00’ to 7.30’ hours, including the gearing up time, briefing, local transfers, stops, picnic e.c.t.


  6. Day 6 Via Cordata / Ferrata for May, June & September and Mountain biking for July & August

    Via Cordata / Ferrata. The route unfolds along the “Apollo” ridge which is located at the north cliff side of the Tempi valley, geologically considered to be on Lower Olympus. After we have met (20’ by road from your accommodation) we are transferred to the starting point of the walk-in (10’ by road). The walk-in follows the old railway line alongside the river Pinios, with great views all along the hike. Duration of walk-in, 15 – 20’, easy.

    Start at 20m above sea level and finish at 240m. Gained altitude 220m. Length of route, 290m. The route consists mainly of long sections of narrow ridge scrambling and shorter sections and “steps” of actual climbing of III+ to IV- grade on grey limestone rock. The ridge scrambling is a typical Via Cordata with the protection of fixed ropes, while the climbing sections are also protected with cable, thus making the route a very interesting combination of Via Cordata and Via Ferrata, resulting to extra safety, ease and of course great enjoyment. The views of the gorge with the river far down below are just breathtaking. Enjoy some time on top of the ridge before taking the return hiking trail back to the starting point (0.50’ to 1.00’ hours). Duration of the Via Cordata / Ferrata route, 3.00’ to 4.00’ hours.

    Overall activity’s duration, 5.00’ to 7.30’ hours, including the gearing up time, briefing, local transfers, stops, picnic e.c.t.

    Mt. Biking. We are transferred by road to the mountain village of Kalipefki at 1050m. For the next 12.2 km after Kalipefki, we move on an almost flat ground in a wonderful mountainous terrain. After a picnic lunch along the route, cycle in a wonderful pine tree forest, for the last 9 km of downhill which take us to P. Pori at 540m, overlooking the Aegean Sea, nestled on the eastern slopes of lower Olympus. Continue for a few more kilometers to P. Panteleimon and the end of this south-east lower Olympus bike wandering. Duration of cycling 3.00’ to 3.30’ hours. For more details about the actual activity / route, here. 

    Overall activity’s duration, 4.30’ to 5.00’ hours, including the gearing up time, briefing, local transfers, stops, picnic e.c.t.

  7. Day 7 Monorafting & inflatable kayaking

    Monorafting & inflatable kayaking on two – seater vessels. We enjoy to the out-most the exceptionally beautiful natural environment around us, while we have hot tea, cookies and a picnic lunch en route, letting the slow current take us gently down-stream. The valley’s huge rock faces at both sides dominate the scenery above our heads, in the most impressive way! As we come out of the valley, the high rocky faces give way to an open space and tree lined river banks with amazing views of Mt. Kissavos and its summit at close distance! The route ends at the old byzantine bridge, after a wonderful ride. Using the inflatable kayaks or monorafts, you have the advantage to turn a technically simple rafting route into a more personal and quite interesting activity, without the need of any previous experience. As you go along the route you enjoy some grade II passages with medium to high water level. The result? A very nice and more fun giving alternative for any beginner! Duration in the river, 2.00’ to 2.30’ hours. For photos of the actual activity / route, here.

    Overall activity’s duration, 4.00’ to 4.30’ hours, including the gearing up time, briefing, local transfers, stops, picnic e.c.t.

  8. Day 8 End of program / return.

    End of program / return.

  9. Pricing policy “Plan your own holiday”

    Pricing policy.

    Our multi activity holiday programs / trips are meant mainly for you who “Plan your own holiday” or for you who want to “Do it yourself”. By being retailers and providers at the same time on these actual programs, we are able to deliver and provide a personalized service at an excellent price, without compromising on the quality of our activities. As local activity suppliers, our expert knowledge of the area ensures for you a more personal feel and direct communication with us and the area, thus, more control on your behalf, over your holiday.

    Our multi activity holiday programs / activity combinations are designed and put in place for every different proposal / program in such a way, that only our experience and knowledge concerning the local conditions could achieve towards your maximum enjoyment. It took long sessions of evaluating various elements and parameters like the group’s type – individuals/family/children’s age groups – the activities’ level and the time period in relation to the weather conditions, before reaching the desired outcome. We believe that we have succeeded there achieving the harmony we were seeking. Our clients’ comments which have helped us a lot towards it, are in favor of this. We are grateful to them!

    Just take the advantage of this work, at prices that you will find nowhere else for such full, well designed, high-quality multi-activity holiday programs!

    So, the above Prices apply mainly to the independent traveler, who will have their own means of transport, thus, come independently from their accommodation to the meeting point for every activity and back, with our and our website’s directions at all times. During the booking procedure and contact with us you will also be given all the information / directions needed to get from the airport to your accommodation. The “Google Maps – our activities Destinations” in our website will help you a lot towards it. We take care of the appropriate accommodation for you, being close and handy to the activities area.

    As it is explained below (“Things you should know” at “Transport”), if you do not have your own means of transport, the transfers from the arrival stations to your accommodation and back, as well as the transfers from the accommodation to the activity’s location and back, will be done by us at an extra cost.

    Note that if you are less than 4 persons without other participants in your actual available dates, we can do the full program exclusively for you if you wish, at an additional 25% if you are 3 persons and 45% if you are 2 persons on the activities price. This means an 18.5% for 3 persons and 33.5% for 2 persons on the above total (activities + accommodation) prices.

  10. Things you should know Usefull info about the program

    Things you should know

    Meals & Meal Plan: This trip is organized on a full board basis while on Mt. Olympus in the mountain refuge accommodation. The rest of the trip is on a half board basis only on the activities’ days, as breakfast goes with your accommodation and lunch will be a picnic meal with traditional Greek dishes and tastes prepared with great care by Olympos Trek team, usually during or after the activity, also included in the price. Evening meals while being off Mt. Olympus, are not included in the price and will be taken in local restaurants as this will give you a perfect opportunity to sample real Greek hospitality and delicious food, typical of the region. Water and juices for the children are included with the activity but alcoholic drinks for the adults are not.

    Transport: From the airport to your accommodation in Litochoro, in case you do not have your own or hired means of transport (rented vehicle), the best suggested way is the public transport (train or bus), as our area of activities and the accommodation establishments are very close to the main road and rail streams of transport on the eastern side of the country. The nearest airport is the Makedonia airport of Thessaloniki, 1.00’ hour by train or bus to Litochoro. The “Proastiakos” train runs almost every hour from Thessaloniki to the above destination for 18.00€ return. From the airport you take the bus (number 78) to the main train or bus station in Thessaloniki. It takes 20’ to 30’ and costs €01.00.The buses also run in the same manner, although a bit more expensive than the train. They run from Thessaloniki central bus station via Katerini where you change bus to Litochoro’s town center.
    If you land at “Eleftherios Venizelos” airport in Athens, the train seems to be again the best option. Only the journey in this case takes 4.15’ to 5.00’ hours,depending up on the train you are using. From the airport you take the metro or the Proastiakos train to the “Stathmos Larisis” (Larisa’s station) in Athensfrom where you take the train to Larisa, where you change train (take the ”Proastiakos” train) to Litochoro.

    Note that during the activities, all local transfers will be provided by us to and from the activity’s starting and end points. If you have your own means of transport, you come to the prearranged meeting point for the day’s activity.
    Otherwise, it can be arranged to be transferred by us from your accommodation to the activity’s starting point and back to your accommodation, after the end of the activity. This can be done at an extra cost (10.00€ to 15.00€ p.p. for every activity’s day).

    Group size and Staff: Maximum group size is 16 people and minimum 4. This trip is led by Olympos Trek and supported by expert local instructors / guides with great knowllege of the local conditions.

    Health: No specific requirements on this tour. If you are reasonably fit and in good health, have a sense of adventure and basically swim (for canyoning), any previous experience is not necessary.

    Insurance: It is a prerequisite of booking any Olympos Trek outdoor activity program that you possess adequate insurance with certain requirements that must be met by your policy.

    Responsible Tourism: Tourism has an effect on any area, it is essential to minimise the negative impact that we may cause. We do not allow our clients or staff to damage the physical environment by leaving litter or rubbish lying around. Anything we take in to an area we must take out again.

Price and what it includes.

Program’s Price with accommodation in Kastania Gi or equivalent, based on two-sharing room:

687.00€ p.p. with the Orlias III on Day 5 and the Mt. Biking on Day 6.

735.00€ p.p. with the Orlias II on Day 5 and the Via Cordata / Ferrata on Day 6.

For three-sharing room, take out 38.00€ from the above prices.

For four-sharing room, take out 60.00€ from the above prices.

For single room, add 112.00€ to the above prices.

The prices are VAT inclusive.

For other than the above type of accommodation in the area, you can book yourself if you wish. In this case you will be given by us the price for the activities program only.


The price includes:
• 2-night accommodation in typical mountain refuge while on Mt. Olympus and 5-night accommodation with breakfast in the above stated kind of accommodation (Kastania Gi) or equivalent.

• Full board while on Mt. Olympus.

• Picnic lunch with traditional home-made dishes and salads for every day-activity, during or at the end of it.

• Hot drink, juice and cookies during every day-activity.

• All specialized equipment for the activities.

• Guides / instructors.

• Beginners’ tuition and supervision.

• Local transfers from the day-activity’s finishing point back to the meeting / starting point and your vehicle when this is needed.


Essential Equipment for the day- activities: Given the variety of different activities on this trip, we suggest you take with you apart from your seasonal clothing, the following:
a. Day sack, well worn-in trail or amphibian walking shoes for the approach walk and to be wet in the canyon.
b. any kind of light water sea-shoes for the river activities.
C. Comfortable trousers or shorts for land based activities (not jeans).
d. Bermuda trousers or cycling pants for the mountain biking.
e. Swimming gear and towel for all water activities.
f. Sun hat, sun glasses & sun protective cream.
g. Large water-bottle.

Essential equipment list for the Mt. Olympus ascent.
•    A ruck sack (40 to 50 lt.) with good suspension system.
•    A pair of good walking boots or fell-running shoes.
•    Fleecy jacket or pullover.
•    Wind proof / water repellent breathable jacket.
•    Extra tee shirts, under wear and good socks for walking.
•    Water flask or simply a plastic water bottle.
•    Sun glasses.
•    Sun and head worming hat.
•    Sun protective cream.
•    Telescopic walking poles (we can provide them if needed).
•    Head lamp.
•    It is advisable to have a sheet or a very light sleeping bag for using it as a sheet, as the mountain refuges provide only blankets.

Please Note: All safety equipment for all the activities (helmets, life-jackets, harnesses, wetsuits, walking sticks etc) is provided by Olympos Trek. If you have your own, please feel free to take it with you.

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