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Rafting in the “Vernezi straits” section, river Pinios.

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Rafting in the river Pinios. Route / Section: “The Vernezi straits”

How you come: The meeting point for the rafting  in the Vernezi section/route is the village Parapotamos, very close to the river and the Vernezi section (20′ to 30′ from anyaccommodation in the area, 3.30’ hours from Athens and 1.30’ hours frohessaloniki).  We meet at the village’s square.

Process of the activity: From the meeting point (Parapotamos), you are being transferred in our means of transport to our rafting base by the river (5min), where we all get geared up for the ride (wet suits, anoraks e.t.c). This is going to be our finishing point of our rafting ride in the Vernezi section of the Pinios river.  When ready, you are transferred to the starting point further up the river (30 min by road), near the village of Rodia. After the beginners’ briefing, we get on board and the fun begins!

The ride takes about 2.00’ hours, with continuous grade III and some grade IV rapids and impressive waves (when the water level is at its medium to high). Along the ride, we stop for a hot drink and cookies.
We finish just a little before our base. Transferred to the base, where, after having changed into our dry clothes, we enjoy a picnic with barbequed sausages and other traditional Greek appetizers. Quite fulfilled, you are transferred back to Parapotamos for your return.

Price: 50.00€ p.p.

Note that the activity’s overall duration comes to 5.00’ or 5.30’ hours, including the gearing up time, local transfers, stops, picnic e.t.c.  

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  • Min. age 14 years
All about the Rafting in the “Vernezi straits” section, river Pinios..

Prices / Offers.

The activity’s price refers to individuals and small groups of up to 8-10 persons. For larger or much larger groups, the prices can be reduced, after our mutual agreement.

If you’re a group of at least 4 persons, normally you have the flexibility to book any activity at any time you choose. Otherwise – if you are less than 4 persons – you book within another group.

In the case of being less than the minimum of 4 persons, and still no other group available to join in your actual date and activity, then, in order to do the chosen activity, the sum of the minimum 4 persons has to be paid.

What is included in the price for the day-activities?

• Guiding by experienced – specialized guides / instructors.
• All the appropriate equipment necessary for the activity.
• Introductory beginners’ briefing.
• Picnic meal with seasonal traditional Greek dishes.
• Hot herbal drink and cookies during the activity.
• Local transfers on dirt road from the meeting point to the activity’s location and back.

The VAT is not included in the price.

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