Canyoning on Mt. Mavrovouni

Mt. Mavrovouni is the natural continuation of Mt. Kissavos (Ossa) to the south and of Mt. Pelion to the north. In other words, it is the natural mountainous connection of the two. Mt. Mavrovouni is a long, not very high mountain heavily forested on its eastern slopes overlooking the Aegean Sea and quite rocky and bare on its western side. Rakopotamos canyon with its two sections Rako I & Rako II, lies in the north east slopes of this beautiful mountain, ending up at the Aegean Sea and the homonymous beach.


    Canyoning in Rakopotamos

    Canyoning Mt. Kissavos (Ossa), Canyoning

    Rakopotamos Canyon – Mt. Mavrovouni. Start 340m – Finish 0m – Drop 340m. Mt. Mavrovouni is the continuation of Mt. Kissavos to the south. Rakopotamos lays in the very north of Mavrovouni. We meet at the marina of Agiokampos (Agiokampos…

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