One day activities / programs for youngsters, children, schools and families.

Activities / programs, specially designed for small ages / schools, with an element of ecological education. The active contact with nature through the activity itself, is the best means for learning about the naturural environment, through being and doing things in it.

For example, while we enjoy a canoe ride down Pinios river delta (very rich in flora and bird-life), at the same time observe and recognize birds and different kinds of river-trees. The same happens with all the activities selected and designed for this purpose.

These activities are designed in such a way, so that parents can participate together with their children even the very young ones, in the same activity, with the relative benefits something like this can offer to both. An ideal opportunity for families to be active together with their younger children, in nature!

Activities Designed mainly for families with younger children.

1. Adventure Course and Rock climbing: Aerial and ground games, at our adventure-course center by the river, in a perfect natural setting. Games / activities like climbing & abseiling, Tibetan bridge, fly-foxing, archery and many more to choose from, improve the sense of team-work and kind competition. Min. age 8 years.

2. Canoe in Pinios Delta: It is described in here,  "route Pinios river delta". A route especially designed with events for children and parents. Min. age 6 years.

3. Canyoning: For families with small children from 10 to 7 years of age the section "Kakoskala Ia" in Kakoskala canyon is strongly suggested. For ages from 9 to 14 years the Orlias III and Kalypso II are two ideal choices. All these for the families who seek real canyoning action together.  Min. age 8 - 9 years.

4. Rafting and monorafting in Tempi Valley: A good introduction to the basic principles of rafting. It is described here for the rafting and here for the monorafting. Min. age 6 years.

5. Orienteering:  We learn how to use the compass and then we go spot-finding in the forest. Team work activity.

6. Hiking: Nice, relaxed walking routes, in very rich forests or in alpine terrain well above the tree-line. Along the walk, we can all learn with the help of our guids, about herbs, mountain flowers (all the time) and mushrooms (autumn). Our area is very rich in all these and a walker's paradise any way. Min. age 10 years.

7. Mountain biking: It is described in here  route 1 & route 8. Min. age 12 years.

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Best Seasons:Spring, Summer, Fall
Popular Location:Pinios, Tempi,

Children, Schools and Families

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