Tuesday March 20 , 2018
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The activity process of Mountain Biking


How is it done? The bikes and the rest of the equipment for the Mountain Biking activity are waiting for us at the meeting point. After the briefing about the route and the bikes’ adjustments, off we go! There is an escort vehicle, meeting the group at certain points or check – outs, being in wireless contact with the guide or the group’s leader throughout the route. We stop for hot drinks, cookies and light lunch at well selected nice spot along the ride (at some occasions the picnic lunch is offered at the end of the ride, while the drinks and cookies, at the stop along the ride).

After we have finished a crossing, you are being transferred back to the starting point and your cars for the return.  Our job is to turn this foot-powered, two-wheeled mountain wondering in to a really rewarding and unforgetable experience! Have a nice ride!


You can of course bring your own bicycle if you wish, with the appropriate discount on the actual activity’s price. All the routes presented here in detail, can be altered before or during the activity, in order to suit your needs to the degree of being practically possible.