Tuesday March 20 , 2018
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Easter / Spring Adventure

Families / Adult individuals – Easter holiday & any other period within April and May - 6 days / 5 nights - Minimum age 14 years.




Trip profile: This is an adventurous wondering in nature with the intention to break barriers between parents and children or between a group of adults or corporates, by living and being active in nature. The events or activities and the places we move to in the program, form a meaningful pattern, which in few words could be expressed as: “From the river, up the mountain, down to the sea”.



Itinerary: Please note, that this itinerary can be subject to slight changes, concerning mainly the time sequence of the activities, in response to variable local weather conditions.

keast.adv.4Day 1. Arrival at Ambelakia and your accommodation A hot shower at the hotel and a good taste of traditional Greek food at the village’s square, as you meet your guides, will make you forget all about the day’s travelling and introduce you slowly but steadily in to the spirit of real Greece. A good place indeed to start off our journey in to being together in nature.

Day 2. After we have been introduced to the place’s history by visiting the cultural center and museum, we go off rafting in the Pinios river, which flows deep below the village. Our rafting base is only 20’ drive from Ambelakia. The rafting route - the Vernezi route - is very enjoyable with exciting rapids, rising the adrenaline and the feeling of team work very high! This excitement will last for about 1.30’ hours. We change back in to our dry clothes, enjoy a picnic lunch at our rafting base before transferred back to your accommodation in Ambelakia.

Day 3. Today you have a choice between Hiking to the top of Mt. Kissavos (Ossa) to 2978m and a "Via Cordata" route in the historical and beautiful Tempi valley.

Hiking: By road, we move to the village of Spilia and the walk starts from here. The route progresses on the south west slopes of the mountain. It starts at 850m and finishes at 1978m at the summit. It is a very interesting route with great views all along, not to speak of the view from the summit itself, where you are rewarded with moments of fulfillment and tranquility while admiring stunning panoramic views. The mountain of the twelve gods, Mt. Olympus, rises impressively before us to the north, the land of the mythical centaurs Mt. Pelion to the south, the Aegean Sea and the coast along which Jason and the Argonauts sailed going for the golden fleece, to the east and in clear weather – not very unlikely – the huge pyramid of Mt. Athos emerging out of the sea in the very distance to the east. We are standing atop the land with very strong vibrations of myths, legends and history. Drinks and light lunch on the summit. Altitude covered, 1128m. Approximate net walking time, 4.30’ to 5.00’ moderate / demanding. Then, we descend via the northeast ridge to the Kanalos location at 1604m for another relaxed hour of easy walk. From there, transferred by road to our Mt. Kissavos base where we are to spend the night in a hostel type wood cabin, on the north east forested slopes of the mountain at 370m with great views of Mt. Olumpus and the Aegean Sea. Have a hot shower, a well-earned supper and a good rest

Via Cordata, up the "Apollo Ridge": The ridge is located at the north cliff side of the Tempi valley just opposite and below Ambelakia village, geologically considered to be on Lower Olympus. We are transferred to the starting point of the walk-in (20’ by road from your accommodation in Anbelakia). The walk-in follows the old railway line alongside the river Pinios, with great views all along the hike. Duration of walk-in, 15 – 20’, easy.

Description of route. Start at 20m above sea level – Finish at 240m. Gained altitude 220m. Length of route, 290m. The route consists mainly of long sections of narrow ridge scrambling and shorter sections and “steps” of actual climbing of III+ to IV- grade on typical limestone rock. The ridge scrambling is a typical Via Cordata with the protection of fixed ropes while the climbing sections are additionally protected with cable, making it a combination of Via Cordata and Via Ferrata for extra safety and ease. The views of the gorge with the river and far down below are just breathtaking. Duration of the Via Cordata route, 3.00’ to 4.00’ hours. After having enjoyed some time on the top of the ridge and have a picnic lunch, we take the return hiking trail (0.50’ to 1.00’ hours) back to the starting point and our vehicle for the return to the accommodation. Total duration of the activity, 4.20’ to 5.20’ hours. Minimum age 14 years.

Day 4. After breakfast we leave the wood cabin and move by forest dirt road through dense forest, along the eastern side of the mountain. The activity today is canyoning and our destination is the Kalypso canyon. This canyon is a nature’s wonder. A completely different world from what we have experienced up to now. Geared up, we walk up the slope for about 20’ and get into the canyon. An amazing environment of waterfalls, crystal clear pools and dense vegetation welcome us. While in the Canyon, we continue walking and scrambling up stream for another 10’, until we reach the great waterfall, 75m high! It is indeed a unique and exceptional spot! After having a drink and cookies at the spot, we make our way down stream to start the real canyoning in the Kalypso II section with a series of jumps, waterslides, dives, fly-foxing over pools and abseiling alongside waterfalls. At the finishing point we have a picnic lunch in the forest before we return to the base and the cabin for the night.

Day 5. Today we can either enjoy a sea kayaking ride along the Mt. Kissavos coast route, exploring a very beautiful coast line in the sea kayaks or Sea kayaking & sea cave abseiling, a very thrilling & quite unique combined activity. The final choice is yours. The last night’s accommodation can be in a hotel either in the Mt. Kissavos area if the first choice is taken or a little to the south - Mt. Pelion area - if the second choice is taken. This will also depend on your destination or departure airport of the next day.    

Day 6. Back to the airport for the return journey home.


710.00€ p.p. Based on two bedded room
690.00€ p.p. Based on three bedded room
670.00€ p.p. Based on four bedded room
Note that:
If on Day 3 you take the Via Cordata instead of the hike, there is a supplement of 35.00 Euros p.p. in the above prices.
If on Day 5 you take the Sea kayaking & the Sea-cave abseiling instead of the Sea kayaking along the Mt. Kissavos coast, there is a supplement of 55.00 Euros p.p. in the above prices.  
The price includes:
. Three nights in traditional hotel accommodation with breakfast.
. Two nights in hostel type wood cabin accommodation with breakfast.
. Two meals in traditional local restaurants (welcome and farewell).
. Full board (breakfast, lunch, supper, while in the outdoors throughout the program).
. All necessary equipment and guidance for the activities.
. Road transfers during the program (from the accommodation to the activities and back).

Things you should know

keast.adv.5Meals & Meal Plan: This trip is organized on a full board basis.

Transport: From the airport to your accommodation, in case you do not have your own or hired means of transport (rented vehicle), the best suggested way is the public transport (train or bus), as our area of activities and the accommodation establishments are very close to the main road and rail streams of transport on the eastern side of the country. The nearest airport is the Makedonia airport of Thessaloniki, 1.00’ hour by train or bus to N. Pori or Rapsani train stations, being very close to the activities area and the various accommodation establishments. The “Proastiakos” train runs almost every hour from Thessaloniki to the above destinations for 28.00€ return. From the airport you take the bus (number 78) to the main train or bus station in Thessaloniki. It takes 20’ to 30’ and costs €01.00. The buses also run in the same manner, although a bit more expensive than the train. They run from Thessaloniki central bus station and stop at the Rapsani train station on their way to the south. From either station you have arrived (Rapsani or N. Pori), we pick you up and take you to your accommodation, 15’ away by road.

If you land at “Eleftherios Venizelos” airport in Athens, the train seems to be again the best option.  Only the journey in this case takes 4.15’ to 5.00’ hours, depending up on the train you are using.  From the airport you take the metro or the Proastiakos train to the “Stathmos Larisis” (Larisa’s station) in Athens, from where you take the train to Larisa. We pick you up from the station in Larisa to transfer you to your accommodation, about 45 minutes by road. The pickups from the arrival train stations to the accommodation will be done at an extra cost (8.00€ to 10.00€ p.p.)

What you need to have with you apart from your seasonal clothing:
. Water shoes for the rafting, canyoning and sea kayaking.
. Good trekking shoes.
. Fleecy jacket or pullover and wind / water proof jacket.
. Walking pants.
. Sun protective hat and glasses.
. Water flask for the hikes.
. 35lt to 45lt rucksac.

Responsible tourism: Tourism has an effect on any area. It is essential to minimize the negative impact that we may cause. We do not allow our clients and staff to damage the physical environment, living litter or rubbish lying around. Anything we take in to an area, we must take out again.

Group size and staff: Maximum group size is 16 people and minimum 6. This trip is led by Olympos Trek and supported by expert local guides. Guides are not provided for clients not taking part in the group’s walking program.

Health: If you are reasonably fit and in good health, have a sense of adventure and can swim, any previous experience is not necessary.