Sunday April 22 , 2018
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Meet the rock climbing / abseiling sites

Mt. Kissavos (Ossa)

1.Tzamia & Seloma.


Only for the beginner: We meet at our base on Kissavos (“Mt. Kissavos / Mt. Olympus Outdoor Activities Center) or Arioprino location, or look at "How we come" in the main menue.

Both sites are located on the north east side of Mt. Kissavos (Ossa), close to our base. Their elevation ranges from 400m to 1000m. The sites are only for beginners, organized for top rope climbing. Length of routes, from 8 to 20m. Ideal play grounds for the beginner climber, child, youth or adult, in an absolutely natural environment with great views. Created by Olympos Trek people for you to enjoy!


Price (beginners top rope climbing): 45.00€ p.p.


2. Bougazi.


We meet at our base on Kissavos or Arioprino location (“Mt. Kissavos / Mt. Olympus Outdoor Activities Center, or look at "Where we meet, how we come”).

This is a climbing area for experienced climbers. It is located in the central & north Kissavos not far from our base or the Village of Spilia, at the elevation of 800 / 900m. There are 17 climbing routes from 70m to 300m length and grades from IV to VII (UIAA grading). The hardest routes are bolted, but the use of conventional gear in some cases could yet be necessary. The easier routes are mainly climbed with the use of conventional gear with some pitons in situ. The type of climbing could be characterized as classic rock and referring to some routes, hard rock. It is very pleasant on good limestone, in a very beautiful setting.

For the beginner: The first sections of some routes have been selected by us for the more keen beginners, to try and enjoy top rope harder climbing.


Price (beginners top rope climbing): 55.00€ p.p.

For the experienced climber: For detailed information about the area and the routes, please come in contact with Olympos Trek, or look at the site's climbing guide.


3. Gidiki.


 We meet at the site, after our contact or look at Google earth.

It is situated close to Larisa, (30’ by road) and the Aegean highway, Larisa by pass, thus, very easily accessible. There are about 60 routes from 10m to 25m high, from IV to IX (UIAA grading), all bolted and very well equipped, in 5 rock face sectors. The rock is very good marble / limestone.


For the beginner: The beginners’ training sector of the site is ideal for top rope climbing and abseiling, offering a great choice of different routes and rock games to the beginner.

Price (beginners top rope climbing): 50.00€ p.p.

For the experienced climber: For detailed information about the area and the routes, please come in contact with Olympos Trek or look at the site's climbing guide.


4. Tranos Lakos. The site is situated at the left (east side of the Megas Lakos great canyon). We meet at Omolio, or look at "Where we meet. How you come”. At a very beautiful setting, the site offers about 15 fully equipped (bolted) routes, from 15m to 20m long.




Mt. Olympus

What follows is general information, mainly for the experienced climber.

Well over 100 routes form the climbing picture of the Mt. Olympus greater area. They are in the following main climbing areas / sites:


1. Tempi valley (lower Olympus north side).


For the beginner: Here, on an impressive limestone rock face, we have created a top-rope climbing playground for youths and adults, about 20m high. This is a unique spot with great views lower down towards the river Pinios and the western part of the Tempi valley.

Price (beginners top rope climbing): 50.00€ p.p.


For the experienced climber: In the rest of the lower rock faces along the river and just above it, there are more than 30 routes on very good limestone, ranging from traditional (up to 250m) to hard rock (up to 80m) and sport climbing (up to 25m), overlooking the Pinios river and the national road running through the valley. The sport and hard rock climbing routes are bolted, whereas the older traditional routes are climbed with the use of traditional / conventional gear, with very few old pitons in situ.


2. Zilnia.


The site is situated above Litochoro, at the north side of the Enipeas gorge. The rock face can be seen from Litohoro very distinctively, dominating the scenery, as we look towards the mountain. There are about 25 routes from traditional to hard rock, ranging from 50m to 300m in length, most equipped with a mixture of pitons and bolts, whereas some older routes need the use of traditional gear. It is one of the oldest and most important mountain rock climbing sites of northern Greece.


3. The rock faces of higher Olympus. 


On the plentiful rock faces of the higher Olympus (Mytikas, Stefani or Throne of Zeus, Skolio, Stavraities, Megala Kazania, Kalogeros and Kalagia), there are more than 50 high mountain rock climbing routes, from 80 to 400 m long, with an average of more than 200m, mainly on brown limestone. Most of them could be classed as traditional big mountain routes and some as hard rock climbs usually bolted and having pitons on situ.

For the experienced climber: For detailed information about the climbing sites and the routes, please come in contact with Olympos Trek.






Price Includes

Experienced guides-instructors.

All the appropriate activity's equipment.

Beginners' introductory lesson before the activity.

Picnic-lunch after the activity.

Local transfers on dirt road, when needed.

Hot drinks and cookies during the activity.

The above prices are without the V.A.T.

Prices / Offers

The above prices concern individuals and small groups of up to 8-10 persons. For larger or much larger groups, the prices can be reduced, after our mutual agreement.

If you’re a group of at least 4 people, normaly, you have the flexibility to book any activity at any time you choose. Otherwise you book within another group.

In case of being less than the above minimum of 4 persons, and still no other group available to join in, then, in order to do the chosen activity, the sum of the 4 persons minimum has to be paid.

For the activity of rafting, for every group of 8 persons one person is for free.