Monday February 19 , 2018
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Rock climbing and hiking.

First option, at Tempi valley, Lower Olympus.


We meet at the Rapsani railway station. Transfer to the wine growing village of Rapsani on the slopes of Lower Olympus and the starting point of our walk, where a nearby impressive limestone rock face is inviting you to try, probably your first vertical steps. This is a unique spot with great views lower down towards the Pinios river and the western part of the Tempi valley. Climbing here, one experiences a great combination of physical and mental effort. The right body placement and focused concentration on the next move, will give unexpected very pleasant results, under the instruction and supervision of our guides. 


After this amazing game in this vertical world ends, we get ready and set off for our hike, following a path, which takes us along and over the cliffs of the Tembi Valley and almost down the Pinios River. This is a high crossing of the valley with stunning views of the river down below and Mt. Kissavos on the opposite side of the valley, all the way along the hike. We will have a lot to talk about, while we hike along this historical valley, as the place holds amazing stories and myths from the very - very old times… The walk will take 2.30’ to 3.00’ hours, easy.

Price: 80.00€ p.p.

Total activity's duration: From the time we meet to the "ready to go home" time, 6.00' to 7.00' hours.


Second option for the same combined activity, aimed  for comleete first timers in climbing and younger ages, Mt. Kissavos (Ossa).


We meet at Karitsa Village or Arioprino location. Transfer to the Seloma location at about 1000m (about 20' to 30' by road from the meeting points), at a very beautiful spot with great views of the highest summit of the mountain and all the way round from the north west, north and north east. Here we do the rock climbing - a very nice site for old and young.


After that and a good break, we move by road to the Kanalos location at 1500m, dominated by the highest summit. From here, we start our hike to the summit via its east ridge, with stunning panoramic views of the region including the Aegean Sea, the Plain of Thessaly, Mount Olympus, Mount Pelion, the Pinios river delta and in clear weather – not very unlikely – the huge pyramid of Mt. Athos emerging out of the sea in the very distance to the east.  Return via the same route back to Kanalos. The route takes approximately 4.30’ to 5.30’ hours of moderate and demanding walk.

Price: 75.00 p.p.

Total activity's duration: From the time we meet to the "ready to go home" time, 7.30' to 8.30' hours.


Price Includes

Experienced guides-instructors.

All the appropriate activity's equipment.

Beginners' introductory lesson before the activity.

Picnic-lunch after the activity.

Local transfers on dirt road, when needed.

Hot drinks and cookies during the activity.

The above prices are without the V.A.T.

Prices / Offers

The above prices concern individuals and small groups of up to 8-10 persons. For larger or much larger groups, the prices can be reduced, after our mutual agreement.

If you’re a group of at least 4 people, normaly, you have the flexibility to book any activity at any time you choose. Otherwise you book within another group.

In case of being less than the above minimum of 4 persons, and still no other group available to join in, then, in order to do the chosen activity, the sum of the 4 persons minimum has to be paid.

For the activity of rafting, for every group of 8 persons one person is for free.