Saturday November 18 , 2017
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Sea Kayaking in the Tavropos (Plastiras) lake. North-east Agrafa mountains, in western Thessaly.

Route description: We meet at the “Botanic Garden”, at the western shores of the lake, in the shadow of the north-east Agrafa mountain summits. About how you come to the actual destination / meeting point, look at  “Google maps – Our Activities Destinations”.


Our sea kayaking wondering begins at the above mentioned meeting point and progresses on a south course, in literally magical environment, along green and immensely forested shore. Oak and fir trees, along with the sharp alpine Agrafa summits - snow caped until late spring - dominate the area, offering dramatic views. Along the ride, we explore narrow fjords, stop for picnic at tiny lake islands and we endlessly soak the beauty and tranquility this wonderful place abundantly offers.


The kayaks give us a nice sensation of autonomy and versatility. They are quite speedy too…we want to go every possible corner! We return – hard decision – filled with pictures, colors and emotions to the starting point for the return home.

Note that the activity can be done in two-seater seat-on-top canoes. Sea kayaks though, give a greater autonomy as they have luggage nets and compartments, greater speed with less effort, thus, greater distances covered and more places to explore in the lake for the same given time. Duration of route in the kayaks 2.30' to 3.00' hours of relaxed paddling.


Note that the overall duration of the route, from our meeting to the "ready to go home" time, ranges between 5.00’ and 5.30’ hours.

Price: 70,00 € p.p