Δευτέρα Φεβρουάριος 19 , 2018
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5-Day Sea Kayaking, in the North Sporades Marin Park


Aegean Sea. North Sporades Archipelago in June.

You are invited to a space and place, to take time living and being on the shores of the islands Peristera and Alonnisos, in the north Aegean sea, kayaking and snorkeling along the remote coast line - in the pristine, clear waters of the Northern Sporades Marine Park.

The first and the last day of the trip will be hosted in one of the bed and breakfast facilities of the fishing village of Steni Vala on Alonnisos. From here, we will paddle in one or two seat kayaks, past impressive coast lines - including pine forests, olive groves and caves, watch the marine wild life - dolphins, the endangered and protected monk seal, fish and sponge, plus see breeds of gull and the endemic Eleonora falcon, nesting in the area.

We will set camp on remote cobble beaches of rare beauty - hike, camp, or watch wild life - and share stories around our excellent evening meal and camp fire councils.

Both, Peristera and Alonnisos island routes, fulfill the needs for an excellent and interesting sea kayaking route, while at the same time, they offer all the elements you need for an unforgettable sea kayaking trip (remote beaches and camp sites of rare beauty, impressive coast lines for exploration, wild life for observation and nice spots for snorkeling).

Both routes are crossings - five paddling days and four nights - which means that the four campsites will be at different location each. This is going to be far more interesting for the participants (fresh new ground and destination for every day). There will be an introductory kayak trip the day before we start the actual trip, returning to Steni Vala for the night.

The Alonnisos route is almost a circum-navigation of the island, starting at Agios Dimitrios beach and ending at Mikros Mourtias beach, with a total of 22 to 23 nautical miles.

The Peristera route is a similar alternative. It starts at Steni Vala, goes across to Vasiliko bay, from where it starts rounding the island anticlockwise, along the south west, south and east coast. At the northern most part of the island, we go across to Alonnisos to explore the big caves and then, along the south east Alonnisos end up back to Steni Vala. Total distance 24 to 25 nautical miles.

The daily distance to be covered should be an average of approximately 5 to 6 miles. This means three hours of relaxed paddling, observing and exploring what we come across. Snorkeling can take place at the end of the day's route, around the campsite or en route when interesting ground.

The exact paddling route will be chosen according to the specific weather conditions, either taking the open crossings around the islands of Alonnisos and Peristera or within the well protected channel between.

The best suggested time for this trip is June (most stable weather for the particular area), before the meltemi winds start in the Aegean Sea. During this month, one can really enjoy the isolation and natural beauty of the area, being out of the mass tourism season, while at the same time, the weather is very nice. The air temperature in June can be up to 35 degrees C and the water temperature on the surface is around 18 degrees and goes down to 15 at the depth of 8 to 10m.

Price: 860.00€ p.p.

The above price includes:

  • 6 days kayaking (five scheduled, one introductory).
  • One night bed and breakfast accommodation in Steni Vala after the introductory trip.
  • 4 nights organized camp.
  • 5 days full board (during kayaking trip).
  • Two meals, welcome and farewell.
  • Snorkeling equipment.
  • Experienced guidance (one per ten people).
  • Support engine boat and skipper.
  • camp assistant.
We will be glad to give you all the appropriate information about how you come to Alonnisos and deal with all other details and accommodation bookings for extended stay before or after the sceduled kayaking trip.

For any questions please come in contact with us.