Tuesday March 20 , 2018
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5 to 8 Day Rafting or Sea kayaking programs

“Here, we offer active holiday programs which flow through one activity, other than walking, over a period of 6 to 8 days. This means that through the enjoyment of doing your favorite activity, this activity takes you to many different places in a journey through wonderful nature, endless history and rich culture. This journey can be in a raft, a sea Kayak, a mountain bike or a 4X4 vehicle. Depending upon the program, the nights are spent in local hotels and pensions, or camping out or combination of both. Usually, this is a crossing. Some call it a Safari. Either, the enjoyment is the same. Seems to be the best way to deeply enjoy the active approach to the land you are in, taking all the benefits this land can offer, in the best possible way!”