Tuesday March 20 , 2018
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Active holidays. 8 day & 6 day multi activity programs.

A few words about the actual programs.

Here we have multi-activity holiday programs, based around Mt. Olympus, Tempi Valley and Pinios river, Mt. Kissavos, the coast and the Aegean and the north Mt. Pelion, in Eastern Thessaly, set in a region of outstanding historical interest and natural beauty. They involve varied and exciting itineraries catering for people of all abilities and fitness levels

They are holiday multi activity programs for families, adult individuals, groups and corporate. The activities per program are specially designed to cater for these different types of participants and their needs. There is also a possibility of tailoring your option / version according to your special requirements.

The programs cover a wide area, giving the opportunity to the participants to experience as many different places as possible, while enjoying our first class activities! All activities in these active holiday programs are mainly combined full-day activities and some half-day. The daily activity's detailed description is in our web site’s one-day activity presentation.

The “Olympus Active” program for families and individuals, focuses on the Mt. Olympus itself and its surrounding area combining exiting activities with a three or two day ascent - including an attempt for the highest summit - on the mountain of the 12 gods!

The “Easter adventure” is for the whole family, individuals and groups, as an enjoyable Easter active holiday break!

In the "Mountain, River & Sea 1", "Mountain, River & Sea 2" and the "Waves & Torrents" multi activity family and adult holiday programs, there is an activity for every day in the week, 5 in all, with a rest / free day in between. One can choose to take from 3 minimum to 5 maximum of the program's activities within their weekly stay. 

It is possible to stay in the area for an extra week as an extension to this active holiday. If you decide to do so, you can choose to spread your chosen activities over the two weeks period of your stay. We will be happy to help you organize this.