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Mountain, Sea and River 1.



Type: Families with children min 13 - 14 years of age and adult

individuals  Phycicall demand "Medium" - 8 days / 7 nights.


Best suggested period: Beginning of July to the end of September.


Trip Profile: An exhilarating multi-activity holiday, based around Mt. Olympus, Tempi Valley and Pinios river, Mt. Kissavos, the coast and the Aegean sea in Eastern Thessaly, set in a region of outstanding historical interest and natural beauty. This is a varied and exciting itinerary catering for people of all abilities and fitness levels. It covers a wide area, giving the opportunity to the participants to experience as many different places as possible, while enjoying our first class activities! This active holiday program consists of a combination of full and half day activities. As it is mostly aimed for the independent family and individual adult travelers, gives a great freedom and autonomy for exploring the endless beaches and the special places of natural beauty and historical interest that our area plentifully offers.



Itinerary: Please note, that this itinerary can be subject to slight changes, concerning mainly the time sequence of the activities, in response to variable local weather conditions.

 sr1-1Day 1. Arrival and welcome. If you travel from Thessaloniki airport by the public transport, then we meet you at the Rapsani train station, where you get off, as it is your destination and very close to any of the accommodation you have chosen. If you travel from Athens to Larisa or Rapsani, then we meet accordingly at Rapsani or at Larisa town train station. If you travel in your own rented car, you will be directed to your accommodation by us and the detailed information for the independent traveler about how you come in the area, in our website. In the evening, after setting in at your accommodation, there will be a pre-tour introduction with your Guides.

Day 2. Mountain biking. A mountain biking day along beautiful wooded routes over Mt. lower Olympus, culminating in views of the Aegean sea, Halkidiki’s coast on the other side of Thermaikos gulf and in a clear day, not very unlikely, the pyramid of Mt. Athos in the very distance to the east! 22 km of relaxed biking, mainly on flat and downhill ground and short sections of uphill will take us to the mountain village of Paleos Panteleimon, and the finishing point of today’s activity. For the detailed description of the actual Mt. Biking route, look here, (Mt. Biking route, 6 shorter option). 

Day 3. Hiking and Canyoning 1. Today we will return to Mt. Olympus but the higher Mt. Olympus this time, to enjoy a great combination of hiking and canyoning. A very well balanced combination indeed of hiking in an extremely beautiful terrain and canyoning in the Enipeas I, involving apart from everything else, two wonderful abseils down waterfalls. It is a very good opportunity for the ones, beginners or not, who would like to have a non lengthy but full enough experience of canyoning to start off! For everything you would like to know about this combined activity, look here.

Until the end of June and probably mid July, the alternative of Canyoning 1 in Kalypso II canyon and hiking in the Kalypso's great waterfall on Mt Kissavos (Ossa) could be preferable depending upon and having to do with the water quantity conditions in the Enipeas canyon.

Day 4. Free day to spend at the beach, sample some local good wine or visit places of interest in the greater area (we will be there to propose or organize it for you especially if you do not have your own means of transport), or sample the shops and the cultural life of the nearby Larisa, or a day trip to the impressive landmark of Meteora rocks and its monasteries.

   sr1-2Day 5.  Rock climbing and inflatable kayaking and monorafting. Rock climbing at Seloma or Tempi valley locations. Just after breakfast, an early start brings us to a rock face on northern Kissavos or Tempi valley's north side both with great views all around, where you are about to try, probably your first vertical steps. This is a great combination of physical and mental effort. The right body placement along with focused concentration on to the next move, will give unexpected great results, under the instruction and supervision of our guides. 

After the climbing and the picnic brake, transfer to the Pinios river below to get ready for the Monorafting and inflatable kayaking in the Tempi valley. We cross the Valley and a small part of the river's delta in two-seater monorafts and inflatable / kayaks. The ride is relaxing and straight forward with the valley’s beauty beyond words! High cliffs rise above us dominating the area! The place inspires us to tell stories about mythical nymphs and heroes connected to this historical valley from the very old times…

Day 6. Canyoning 2. This time we move to Mt. Olympus and its northern slopes, where the very special Orlias canyon and its Orlias II section will guarantee that you get the best out of the activity, as well as an exciting and unforgettable day! This is canyoning at its best! Both, grown-ups and young ones will feel that they have done something really special! And that is exactly what they will have done! Long jumps, fantastic slides, a series of waterfalls up to 30m into crystal clear pools, dramatically beautiful scenery, synthesize the picture of this amazing place! On top of everything else is the unique Olympus atmosphere…you do not see it but you definitely feel it!

Day 7. Sea kayaking. Quite relaxed, as  this is the week's last activity and a half day one, transfer to the little seaside resort and fishing village of Stomio to prepare ourselves for a two-seater sea kayak ride along the coast of Mt. Kissavos. The coastal section we are going to kayak along, offers a number of very beautiful isolated sandy and white-pebbled beaches, where we are going to stop, swim, snorkel and have drinks and cookies. If it is a full moon, then the evening return in the kayaks, with the full moon rising, is something that someone does not experience very often in their life! For more about the actual route, look here.

Note that sea kayaking is weather dependent and may be moved to another day in the week or the alternative will be:

Sea kayaking from the river to the sea. The day is spent kayaking in our two-seater sea kayaks down the Pinios river along the last part of its delta, all the way to where the river meets the open sea! Rich vegetation, tree lined riverbanks and a great variety of bird wild life, will accompany us to the mouth of the river and the Aegean Sea. Following this, you will be treated to a barbecue on the beach after which you can enjoy swimming and exploring the wide open beaches as much as you wish! We could not think of anything better to offer you for such a full and active week! For more about the actual route, look here.

Day 8. End of program / Departure.

Extend your stay. It is possible to stay in Greece for an extra week as an extension to this holiday. If you decide to do so, you can choose to spread the above activities over the two weeks period of your stay. We will be happy to help you organize this. 


Accommodation in Kastania Gi or equivalent.
Two sharing room: 555.00€ p.p.
Three sharing room: 511.00€ p.p.
Four sharing room: 486.00€ p.p.
For other than the above type of accommodation in the area, you can book yourself if you wish. In this case you will be given by us the price for the activities program only.    

Pricing policy: For you who “Plan your own holiday” or if you want to “Do it yourself”. By being retailers and providers at the same time on these actual programs, we are able to deliver and provide a personalized service at an excellent price, without compromising on the quality of our activities. As local activity suppliers, our expert knowledge of the area ensures for you a more personal feel and direct communication with us and the area, thus, more control on your behalf, over your holiday. Just take the advantage of it, at prices that you will find nowhere else for such full and high quality activity programs!  

So, the above Prices apply mainly to the independent traveler, who will have their own means of transport, thus, come independently from their accommodation to the meeting point for every activity and back, with our and our website’s directions at all times. During the booking procedure and contact with us you will also be given all the information / directions needed to get from the airport to your accommodation. The “Google Maps – our activities Destinations” in our website will help you a lot towards it. We take care of the appropriate accommodation for you, being close and handy to the activities area.   

As it is explained below (“Things you should know “ at “Transport”), if you do not have your own means of transport, the transfers from the arrival stations to your accommodation and back, as well as the transfers from the accommodation to the activity’s location and back, will be done by us at an extra cost.
Note that if you are less than 4 persons without other participants in your actual available dates, we can do the full program exclusively for you if you wish, at an additional 25% if you are 3 persons and 45% if you are 2 persons on the activities price. This means an 18.5% for 3 persons and 33.5% for 2 persons on the above total (activities + accommodation) prices.
What is included in the above prices?

. 7 nights’ accommodation with breakfast in the above stated kinds of accommodation.

. Picnic lunch with homemade traditional Greek dishes and flavors for every activity, during or at the end of it.

. Hot drink, juice and cookies during every activity .

. All specialized equipment for the activities.

. Guides / instructors.

. Beginners’ tuition and supervision.

.  Local transfers from the activity's finishing point back to the meeting / starting point and your vehicle, when this is needed.

The VAT is not included in the above prices.

Things you should know

Meals & Meal Plan: This trip is organized on a half board basis only on the activies' days. Breakfast is included in your accommodation. Lunch is included in the price and it is a picnic meal with traditional Greek dishes and tastes prepared with great care by Olympos Trek team, usually during or after the activity. Evening meals are not included in the price and can be taken in the plentiful local restaurants and this will give you the perfect opportunity to sample real Greek hospitality and delicious food, typical of the region. Water and juices for the children are included with the activity but alcoholic drinks for the adults are not.

Transport: From the airport to your accommodation, in case you do not have your own or hired means of transport (rented vehicle), the best suggested way is the public transport (train or bus), as our area of activities and the accommodation establishments are very close to the main road and rail streams of transport on the eastern side of the country. The nearest airport is the Makedonia airport of Thessaloniki, 1.00’ hour by train or bus to N. Pori or Rapsani train stations, being very close to the activities area and the various accommodation establishments. The “Proastiakos” train runs almost every hour from Thessaloniki to the above destinations for 28.00€ return. From the airport you take the bus (number 78) to the main train or bus station in Thessaloniki. It takes 20’ to 30’ and costs €01.00. The buses also run in the same manner, although a bit more expensive than the train. They run from Thessaloniki central bus station and stop at the Rapsani train station on their way to the south. From either station you have arrived (Rapsani or N. Pori), we pick you up and take you to your accommodation, 15’ away by road.

If you land at “Eleftherios Venizelos” airport in Athens, the train seems to be again the best option.  Only the journey in this case takes 4.15’ to 5.00’ hours, depending up on the train you are using.  From the airport you take the metro or the Proastiakos train to the “Stathmos Larisis” (Larisa’s station) in Athens, from where you take the train to Larisa. We pick you up from the station in Larisa to transfer you to your accommodation, about 45 minutes by road. The pickups from the arrival train stations to the accommodation will be done at an extra cost (8.00€ to 10.00€ p.p.)

During the activities, all local transfers will be provided by Olympos Trek to and from the activity's starting and end points. If you have your own means of transport, you come to the prearranged meeting point for the day’s activity.

If you wish to be transferred from your accommodation to the activity's starting point and back to it after the end of the activity, this can be done at an extra cost (8.00€ to 10.00€ p.p. for every activity's day).

Essential Equipment: Given the variety of different activities on this trip, we suggest you take with you apart from your seasonal clothing, the following: Day sack, well worn-in trail or walking shoes to be wet in the canyon, any kind of light water sea-shoes for the river activities, comfortable trousers or shorts for land based activities (not jeans), Bermuda trousers for sea kayaking or river canoeing, swimming gear and towel, sunhat, sunglasses, sun protective cream and large water-bottle. Please Note: All safety equipment (helmets, life-jackets, harnesses, wetsuits etc) is provided by Olympos Trek. If you have your own please feel free to take it with you.

Group size and Staff: Maximum group size is 16 people and minimum 4. This trip is led by Olympos Trek and supported by expert local instructors/guides.

Health: No specific requirements on this tour. If you are reasonably fit and in good health, have a sense of adventure and basically swim (for canyoning), any previous experience is not necessary.

Insurance: It is a prerequisite of booking any Olympos Trek outdoor activity program that you possess adequate insurance with certain requirements that must be met by your policy.

Responsible Tourism: Tourism has an effect on any area, it is essential to minimise the negative impact that we may cause. We do not allow our clients or staff to damage the physical environment by leaving litter or rubbish lying around. Anything we take in to an area we must take out again.