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Mountain biking on Mt. Kissavos. Meet the routes. Technical description.

Mt. Biking route 1: Arioprino – Karytsa – Arioprino. N.E. Mt. Kissavos.

Loop. Total length, 20.3 km.


Start and finish at 520m, Arioprino location. Max gained height, 800m. Asphalt 38.4% (the first 2.6 and the last 5.2 km) and 61.6% of quite good forest dirt road. From 520m, we go up to 800m over 4.1 km and for the next 5.6 km, very gradually down to 650m. From here, we continue for 5.4 km, zigzagging down to 300m and stay at this level for another 2 km, crossing Karytsa, before we take the final uphill asphalt road to Arioprino location, for the last 3.2 km. This is an ideal mountain route for everyone, beginner or experienced, keen or relaxed, young and old! Duration of the full loop, 2.30’ to 3.00’ hours.

Price: 35.00€ p.p.


Mt. Biking route 2: Tzamia –Prasini Kalyva – Kechria – Arioprino.

N.E. Mt. Kissavos.

Loop. Total length, 27.2 km.

p5120100 -

Start at 900m (Tzamia location) and finish at 520m (Arioprino location). Max gained height, 1100m. Asphalt road 9.5% (the last 2.6 km), the remaining 97.4% is good to reasonably good dirt road. From the 900m, we cycle up very gradually, heading south, to 1100, in a road length of 9.4 km. This section is an almost flat and very pleasant traverse, in wonderful terrain. For the next 7 km, we drop down to 650m. For another 7 km we go easily up to 800m and down again to 700m, where we meet the asphalt road, which leads us to the finish (Arioprino), after 2.6 km). This route, although similar, is more demanding than the previous one. It is longer, with a deeper drop and progresses at higher altitude, covering larger area with great views of the sea and the east coast. Another fulfilling option for everyone! It offers a lot! Duration of cycling, 3,00 to 3,30 hours.

Price: 45.00€ p.p.


Mt. Biking route 3: Arioprino – Spilia – Bougazi – Arioprino.

Central & North Mt. Kissavos.

Great loop. Total length, 32.3 km.

p5120112 -

Start and finish at 520m (Arioprino). Max gained height 1000m. Asphalt road 27%. The rest, is mainly good to medium dirt road. From Arioprino location, we peddle up smoothly to 1000m, for 7.6 km (asphalt for the first 2/3), at the Seloma location, which is a high pass with a great view towards the north and the north east. We have already come out of the forest to a more open space, and go very pleasantly down towards the west for 9.3 km, to Spilia at 850m.  We have just completed a crossing from the east to the west, of the northern part of the mountain. Turning back to the east, we leave Spilia to cycle through the narrow and very impressive Bougazi valley at 600m for 7 km to the east end of it. From this point, we continue sharply down to 300m for the next 3.4 km of continuously turning road in very deep forest.  Another 5 km overlooking the Aegean sea, take us back to Arioprino.  This route offers the most that a mountain biking route can offer! It offers every possible vegetation  and terrain variety. It is a two way crossing and a loop as well! It simply has it all! Duration of cycling, 4.30’ to 5.00’ hours.

Price: 45.00€ p.p.


Mt. Biking route 4: Arioprino – Melivia – Agia. East Mt. Kissavos.

Crossing from the north to the south. Total length, 33.6 km.

p7020541 -

Start at 520m in Arioprino location and finish at 150m in Agia. Maximum gained height,  800m. Asphalt 33.6%, the rest mainly good dirt road. From 520m 2.6km of asphalt road take us up to 700m, where the dirt road starts. We continue for the next 3.5 km on dirt road to 800m and go down again to 700m. Then, a beautiful traverse goes for 14 km along the eastern slopes of Mt. Kissavos and the line of 700m without any major ups or downs. A very pleasant traverse indeed in wonderful forest! Then we come out of the forest to an open space with a great view of the southern slopes of the mountain, the Aegean sea and the coast! We start going downhill for 4.7 km to Melivia at 500m. 8.7 km of asphalt road take us very pleasantly down to 150m and Agia, the finishing point of our route, having completed the crossing of eastern Mt. Kissavos from the north to the south. It is a relatively long route, but quite mild regarding to altitude fluctuations, mainly in rich forest, offering great views. In our experience, nobody has regretted it after they have done it. In the contrary! Duration of cycling, 4.00’ to 4.30’ hours.

Price: 50.00€ p.p.


Mt. Biking route 5: Tzamia – Belmas – Anatoli – Megalovryso – Agia.

North-east, central and south Mt. Kissavos.

High altitude crossing from the north to the south. Total length, 43.8 km.

p7020572 -

Start at 900m at Tzamia location and finish at 150m in Agia. Maximum gained height, 1400m. Asphalt 13.9%, in the last section of the route. The first 4.8 km take us very mildly up to 1000m, where the gradient of ascend increases quite sharply for the next 6.2 km to 1380m. We are now in the heart of the central Mt. Kissavos where the beech and fir trees dominate the forest and still very close to the alpine zone. From this point and for 4.1 km we go smoothly down to 1200m, at the eastern end (entrance for us) of the Belmas valley. As we enter the Valley, the deep forest gradually gives way to beautiful alpine meadows and for 3.4 km, we gain another 50m. The main conical summit of the mountain rises impressively above our heads to our right. While in the valley, the road turns towards the south climbing for 2.9 km to 1400m, the highest point of the route, enjoying great views ofthe eastern coast and Mt Pelion in the far distance towards the south. From now on it is downhill!!...about time! 5.6 km of downhill ride take us to 950m and the village of Anatoli and another 10.7 km to the village of Megalovriso at 600m. A very pleasant ride in the open space of the southern slopes of Mt Kissavos! From Megalovriso, on asphalt road, we descend the last 6.1 km to the citadel of Agia, the capital of the area at 150m. Duration of cycling 4.30’ to 5.00’ hours.

Price: 55.00€ p.p.

Note that as a one day activity, this route is designed for the keen mountain cyclists, who seek something really demanding in mountain biking.

As an easier alternative, the route can be done in two days in a more relaxed manner, camping in the Belmas valley. In the morning of the second day, one has the opportunity to climb the main summit of the mountain, in a combination of cycling and walking. This can be quite an experience!








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All the appropriate activity's equipment.

Beginners' introductory lesson before the activity.

Picnic-lunch after the activity.

Local transfers on dirt road, when needed.

Hot drinks and cookies during the activity.

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