Monday February 19 , 2018
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High ropes and Team building events. Process of the activity.

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At your arrival at the site, our guides have prepared the ropes and the rest of the equipment for the games and introduce you to the philosophy of everything you are about to do and explain the purpose of every activity / game. Just after the introductory briefing, you come in a preliminary contact with the gear you are going to use and then gear up (harnesses on, helmets e.t.c.).  Then, the real game starts!


Here, we have ground and aerial games too. All aerial games / activities are done by using of course the “top rope” securing / belaying method. This means that the participant is constantly being secured / belayed by a rope, one end tied up on their harness, the other end going through a higher anchor  and then down to the belay-er guide / instructor, who, apart from belaying, supervises the participant throughout their effort.  After all, in everything we do, safety is our first priority, which goes along with your enjoyment! In this way, the participant, uninfluenced by any fear factor, can concentrate in achieving the combination of the "right movement" and the "best way to do it"!