Friday April 27 , 2018
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Rock climbing / Abseiling. Process of the activity.


While at the rock, our guides have prepared the ropes and the rest of the equipment for you and introduce you to the technical and mental "secrets" of rock climbing, so that things become as much enjoyable as possible. Just after the introductory briefing, you come in a preliminary contact with the rock by trying moves, feet and body placement and many more. You will be pretty soon surprised with what you can do after applying what you have just learned about rock climbing! Then, the real game starts!

All climbs for the beginners are done by using of course the “top rope” securing / belaying method. This means that the climber is constantly being secured / belayed by a rope, one end tied up on their harness, the other end going through a high anchor on the rock face and down to the belayer guide / instructor.  After all, in everything we do, safety is our first priority.

For the experienced climbers: In the area of Mt. Kissavos and Mt.Olympus, apart from the beginners’ - “top rope” only - rock climbing areas, there is a great number of rock climbing routs in about 8 different climbing areas / sites, mainly on relative types of limestone. These climbing areas cover a great range of routes (more than a total of 200), grades, route lengths, types of climbing (sport climbing, hard rock, traditional / classic rock e.t.c) and elevation of the site. A great choice indeed! We will be glad to help and give all the support and information you need in order to enjoy your climbing. If you wish, we can provide rock climbing guides to lead well selected classics for you, not only in the described in this site climbing areas, but in the very well known conglomerate towers of Meteora as well.