Saturday January 20 , 2018
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What do I need to bring with me ?

For the Rafting,  Inflatable kayaking & monorafting and River canoeing,  
apart from your seasonal clothing and footwear, you need to bring with you the following: 
a. Water or sports shoes for inside the river (they will get wet). In case you do not have them, please inform us before hand so that we can provide them.
b. Swimming suit (please wear it from before).
c. Shorts or Bermuda tro users (especially for the river canoeing, particularly for late spring, summer and early autumn).
d. Long – sleeved synthetic (thermal) or thin fleecy Tee shirt (although not absolutely necessary, will be very appreciated for rafting and river canoeing, in the cold late winter and early spring months).
e. Bath towel.
f. Extra underwear.
g. Small day sack for your personals.