Monday November 20 , 2017
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Rock climbing / Abseilng. How you come to the area?

The Mt. Kissavos Rock climbing / Abseiling sites.


Where we meet: For this activity we meet either at our base (Mt. Kissavos activities center) or at the nearby Arioprino location or at the village of Omolio or the Gidiki climbing site, depending upon the site we are about to go. We can even pick you up at your accommodation / hotel, if you wish. This can be arranged at an extra cost.


How you come to the above meeting places: If you travel from the south in the Athens – Thessaloniki highway, you come off at the exit to Omolio, Stomion, Karytsa and the coast, at the eastern end of Tempi valley (you enter the valley from the west), just before the bridge over the Pinios river. Accordingly, if you travel from the north, you come off at the same exit, just after you have passed over the Pinios river bridge to the left. Go through Omolion (3 km after the exit off the highway) and another 7 km lead you to Stomion. You bypass Stomion and you start going uphill towards Karytsa. Note that after bypassing Stomion the road splits. Make sure that you take the road on the right to Karytsa (the left road goes along the coast, while the one to Karytsa continues uphill).


To our base, “Mt. Kissavos Audoor Activities Center”: One kilometer before Karytsa, you come across the hotel Dohos, situated on the left side of the road. Just after passing the hotel, turn right to  Spilia and Aeroprino. There is an “Olympos Trek” sign at this turning as well. In another 3.1 km, you arrive at the picnic area and café / restaurant at “Aeroprino” location. At this point you take the dirt road on your right, following the Olympos Trek” sign, to reach our base (another “Olympos Trek” sign) in another 2.6 km.

To come to the Gidiki climbing site, either look at Google earth or you will be given directions by us after personal contact.



The Mt. Olympus sites.

Where we meet, how you come: For the sites of Mt. Olympus, our meeting takes place mainly in Litohoro (central parking), the main town at the eastern feet of the mountain. On the Athens - Thessaloniki highway, you come off at the exit to Litohoro and Dion. In less than 5km you are in Litohoro.

For the Tempi valley climbing, we meet at the ex toll-post site of Tempi, at the western end of the valley.

It will help: Most detailed and useful is the “Kissavos and Tempi” and “Mt. Olympus” maps of the “Anavasi” editions, as well as the map in our web site.