Wednesday April 25 , 2018
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Aspropotamos River. A few words about the river and the area

We make a long step from the eastern to the western Thessaly in order to meet an amazing mountain river. We are at the central Pindus mountains, and talk about the upper section of Acheloos river, which locally, yet very distinctively, is called Aspropotamos. A source of life for the area, the river gives identity and character to the place and the people themselves. The mountains surrounding the river’s flow line, are called Aspropotamos’s mountains, the villages of the greater area Aspropotamos’s villages and the people who live there, Aspropotamites (people of Aspropotamos). It is an amazing and quite isolated place, with high mountains, snow caped summits holding their snow until late spring, as the river runs through the very heart of the Pindus mountains. An untouched place with an unexpected wild beauty! The river flows from the north to the south, in the mountainous area of Trikala county, in the north west Thessaly.
The name has to do with the clear water of the river and its “white sections”. Aspropotamos, means white river in Greek.

How do you come to the area? Coming from Larisa to Trikala, you divert Trikala on the ring road having Pili as your destination. Pili is located at the westernmost end of the Thessalian plain and the start of the Pindus range (more specifically the eastern Aspropotamos mountains). After Pili you climb up the mountain to Elati and after that to Pertouli, Neraidochori, Pyra, Desi and Agios Nikolaos, and then continuing on the main road, you start to go down to the valley of Aspropotamos (Achelloos). Just a little before the river, the road you are on splits downhill to the left, which takes you shortly to the river and a big concrete Bridge (Alexiou bridge) and uphill to the right, which takes you to the small metal bridge of Agia Paraskevi after 10km and to Tria Potamia location, after another 4km.


If you come from Thessaloniki or the north in general, you come to Grevena via the Egnatia motorway and from Grevena you head for Kalabaka (Meteora). When you reach the Kalabaka – Ioannina road and the Mourgani bridge, you turn right over the bridge and at the other end of it go left to Kastania, as the road climbs up the Aspropotamos mountains from the north. After Kastania, the road takes you up to a high pass, to start going down again to the north end of Aspropotamos valley. After the hotel “Pyrgos Mandania”, you arrive at the Tria Potamia location and the Agia Paraskevi bridge and if you continue further, at the Alexiou bridge. From Trikala to the Tria Potamia location, takes about 1.30’ hours on either route. From Grevena it takes a little more.


The meeting points for our rafting routes in the area are:
Alexiou bridge for the Aspropotamos II route and the Agia Paraskevi bridge for the Aspropotamos I & III. Both points are located in the Tria Potamia Aspropotamou area.