Monday November 20 , 2017
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Rock climbing & abseiling. All you would like to know about the activity


Any rock face, always, offers an anaglyph on its surface. The climber with a combination of right movement, physical strength and mental ability, uses this anaglyph in order to beat gravity and move upwards to the top, thus climbing the face. So, as a conclusion, the greater the anaglyph, the easier the climb, whereas the lesser the anaglyph, the harder the climb. Based on this general and vital rule, we have carefully selected and created rock climbing areas on rock faces ideal for the beginner’s full enjoyment and needs, with climbing routes of various grades.


The game on vertical, rocky terrain can be very enjoyable and thrilling, as one realizes that can do much more than they can imagine, by making the best possible use of the above combination and self control. This is being done under our guides’ / instructors’ constant care and supervision, and with the use of the most appropriate safety equipment. The main purpose / target of this activity is to get as much enjoyment and fulfillment as possible out of your first… or second vertical steps!

Well, about abseiling, we assume that you all have had some previous experience, especially in your youth's time, so, we make sure that this time the experience will be within new dimentions!..