Wednesday February 21 , 2018
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Pinios River. A few words about the river


Pinios river is the third longest river in Greece, running some 170km of land from the west to the east, until its journey ends at the Aegean sea. Its springs are located at several spots in the central Pindus mountains. Their waters run towards Thessaly forming the main river which flow across the Thessalian plain.


Flowing from the west, the river meets Larisa town, where it turns northwards, until it reaches the feet of lower Olympus where it changes course again towards the east. There, it becomes “wild” as it runs through the narrow section of the lower Olympus foothills, the so called Vernezi. This is the impressive “white” section of the river, offering to the rafters and kayakers rapids of grade III and IV, as well as high waves and of course lots of fun.


After its exit from the Vernezi pass, the river becomes calm as it enters the beautiful and historical Tempi Valley. Then, crossing its very green and tranquil delta, it meets the Aegean sea at the east coast.

All along, the river holds a very rich bird wildlife (white and grey herons, storks, various kinds of ducks and as the river nears the sea, lots of sea birds). Not to speak about the rich history and mythology that the river has to tell us about, along its journey...

Another important aspect is that the river’s rafting and canoeing sections are very close to the main Athens – Thessaloniki highway so that they are very easily accessible. Amazingly enough, in no time at all, you find yourself in a natural paradise. What is left for you to do, is to enjoy it and make the most out of the time that is given to you by the favorable location of the area.